Woman, the fall of Chinese football, is actually a bit related


Woman is the wind direction of this country, when the woman pursues knowledge, this society is progressive; when a woman pursues freedom, this society is civilization; when a woman pursues money, this society is corrupt; when a woman is unscrupulous, when the woman is unscrupulous, this society is not Sporate!
One, Germany, Martin

I saw this sentence for the first time, from Yu Hongmin, a female comment set off in the crowd. This is something sticked to the people who stand on Yuhongmin, I have checked it. I don’t have the words. It is not the compilation of modern people. Even if the modern people have top news in india today in hindi compiled, I also feel very truthful because of this The interrelationship does exist in real life.

Woman, social winds

A few days ago, a few friends chat, I don’t know who said this, and finally throwing this sentence: You said that Chinese football is not good, is there a significant relationship with women? When the whole wine table suddenly suddenly, I also felt funny at the time, but I thought about it, these two things, I really can’t be so simple and clear!

Woman and football relationship

When I was playing high school, at least half of the play of the play is a female classmate. The kind of screams and cheers are google news feed enough to let the players who are so-skilled, so every time I completed my goal. The ball players reach the arms to make a flying gesture to celebrate, I always feel similar to the peacock open screen, once this sentence is accidentally said, there is nothing to have a classmate on the side to tell the class teacher, the class teacher and Yan Yue I copied the biological textbook, the reason is to help me continue to understand aaj tak news in hindi today live the knowledge, I am obscured, I feel that the sin should be!


At that time, the star in the school team was the short runner of the body training team. On February 14th each year, he can always receive a lot of gifts. This treatment makes me very envious, so I secretly determined that I have to work hard, fight for it. One day I can also receive so many gifts … No, one day can also add light to the school football team!

You know

I don’t know what the high school football game is, but because I often go to Tongji to play, I know about the situation in the university: There are a few girls in each basketball court, there are a few girls, and if someone will dunk, On the side of the court, there are many people, and those girls are screaming and cheering, and the sound heard in my adolescence is no different! The surrounding football field is often empty!

Tongji’s night mount is very famous

Ok, turn around to see your own bed, the wife is sleeping, this once also crying for me in the court, the only thing I have seen in the last 20 years is the 2002 World Cup China to Brazil, after the game Question: Why don’t n’t add a timefall and a penalty, I pat her shoulders: Xiao comrade, you have to hurry to study hard! This undoubtedly represents the current situation of Chinese football, those women who go to the stadium, or not, boyfriends or husbands are persisted to go to the stadium to play mobile phones (very bad “, or to make folk artists have the opportunity to take photos, truly Woman who knows the ball, I can’t say it, but it is really little!

I like this female fan

China’s football does not have a relationship with women, I think there is such a little. For an alteration, if each female like is full of hormones, not a beautiful woman, the person we play, there may be more people, don’t like Lu Han, maybe less, if you fall Wiping breaks the skin to roll roll on the ground is a male standard, the man doesn’t have to play! It’s a pity that when I saw my wife because I was in love with Xiao Wan, I thought about my thoughts, it is really futile!

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