Why is the Japanese Professional Football League success? Can I learn from the J League?


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The Chinese Football Professional League started in 1994, only in the Japanese Professional League, but why Japan can make the value of the J league unlimited and scored the highest league in all countries and regions. In addition to the foundation of the foundation, it has a good business development market, which has laid the cornerstone of Japanese football success for more than 20 years.

Japan J League in the beginning of the establishment of the establishment is to roar in various regions and communities, and build a “J League Centennial Conception”, creating each person can easily enjoy the sports environment, cultivate rich sports culture, through participation in sports To expand your contact circle, even if you live in the city and community, you will have your own community sports environment, as much as possible to ensure that everyone can enjoy this sports life.

In order to let more people understand their philosophy, the league is a more concise slogan: “do! All sports”, in addition to let people participate in sports, you can also watch competitions, review competitions, participate in the team’s response activities Waiting, cultivate rich sports culture, let sports become part of life.

Team Hometown Activities

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In addition to the previous discretionary sports culture, the following points are also a key factor in the success of the J league.

I know how to run without blindness.

Every year, the Japanese Football Association will ask experts to train the general manager of the club, so that they know how to be more professional and the operation clubs advised with the times, and the Lionel messi Jersey club is self-contained, even if there is no investment, but because the League Access Standard Club is independent. The entity of the legal person as a company, still can survive, not like some national music, use investor or boss’s money to blood transfusion to the team.

Although some of the European teams, Paris are also burn money, but European Fedresses also have a financial fair bill, providing the club with platform platform, at least the league, can always stay Healthy operation.

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Japanese clubs in business may be more like a Gerpony team, relatively speaking, such as Bayern, they basically will not introduce the high-priced superstar players, each year’s performance is not bad, the League is also good, and the benefits are also still possible. Japanese football seems to have not envied the luxury of the giants, and they are more like learning the professional management of the European club.

Japanese people are building the gesture of the operator. They feel that this is a business that can Chelsea Jersey continue to do, will grow continuously, this ideological consciousness is different from most of the domestic football investors.

Human separation efficiency is higher

Japan does not manage sports settings separately, and the sports field is part of the Ministry of Education. It is one of the Japanese Central Provincial Department, responsible for co-ordination of Japan’s education, science, academic, cultural and sports. The government departments are not interference with professional football. They have a football team to be responsible, and the Football Association will hand over the professional league to the professional alliance. This professional alliance is an independent office legal person, mainly to manage and operate professional league.

Although the government department does not interfere with football, it will not provide financial support for the club, but it will generally be given to the facility basic construction.

Japan’s club is very concerned with local community interactions. Regularly send players to carry out networking activities in communities, or interact with fans and other public places, the club will also promote football in local primary and secondary schools, there are many clubs. The echelon is a school team of local primary schools.

Team neutralization name

As early as 1996, Japan basically completed the reform of the neutral team, requiring the Club to belong to the enterprise private, to have social attributes, rooted local society. This is also necessary for the League’s long-lasting development and the “100-year conception”. Recently, Japanese media broke the news that this policy will disappear next season, but the official will be denyed soon. After all, this implementation has a great role in the development of the J league in the past 30 years.

However, with the decline of the Japanese economy, the elderly aging, the epidemic situation, the impact of the vitality, etc. If they are also considering these problems that have to be facing.

Player salary control in reasonable range

In the early days of the 1990s, I just in the era of economic bubbles. Some clubs have also, for example, Jike, Leonardo, Stoveovic, Deng Jia, Laudurp, etc., player salary is generally Higher. But all have a great impact as the foam splices.

At present, Japan’s domestic players are not high, but it is not intentionally controlled by the Football Association and the professional alliance. They just want to avoid malignity in order to avoid excessive players. This season, the J1 League team has a lot of other teams, but the total salary is less than 300 million yuan, which accounts for nearly 200 million) Second Nagoya. The salary is only 75 million yuan, which may not be as good as the annual salary of a foreign aid or attributable player.

A lot of Japanese football practitioners believe that attracting fans is not to rely on nationals or foreign aids, should be the charm of the team’s own, is the team root in the region to go to the community slowly formed football culture, let more people and Organization participates in, so we often see that the Japanese league is very high, and even the final stage of the National High School League, all the top procurement rate is quite.

Square to engage in young training

At present, Japan’s three-level professional league J1, J2, J3, a total of 1662 players registered, 40% of the players from college students, 719, and 60% from high school and professional echelon. In this way, the Japanese domestic league player has exceeded 50% from the campus football. It is now played in the Japanese state of the Su Charen Celtic Ancient Bridge, and there is a long-boyman who is playing the ball in Serie A International Milan. It is from the campus football.

Our Chinese football manager is still practicing personnel, in fact, it also understands these truths, always have such problems when they do. I can understand that every country is different, you can’t fully move all experience, but is there anything you can extract in these successful experiences?

The neutral name and a limited salary make the Football Association have no problem in the direction of the design. The J League also has successful experience, but whether the timing is considered for the week, the enforcement will have any chain reaction, as a management department should consider, Instead of destroying existing balances.

Now Chinese football can only take a step, how many teams have a team next year, and how many teams can not go in this year, next year, foreign aid can register a few, I feel that fans must be familiar with a new rule every year, this is very absurd. The rules of the league should be a year, some policies are met, how do you play its gameplay? Only the rules of the rules will begin to design. Chinese football and football are really two items.

Epidemic period

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