Why is Ib, why is Ib? It’s not a football problem.


During the 11th round of AC Milan, the Ibao knife was not old, but he not only opened a record, but also created a penalty to help Case. However, a small episode in the game is impressive, and the Roman fans who have originated at the home after the goal, the referee presents a yellow card. After the game, Ibu was insulted by the Roman fans, and they called the Ibi as “Gypsies”, which irritated the godhouse. Why Ib is reluctant to be called Gypsies, this problem is indeed worth discussion.

Gypsies are not a “good word”

For many people, more about the understanding of the Gypsies is from literary works, whether it is a novel, opera, or a gypsy image of the movie drama. For example, the owner’s card door in “Carmen” is a typical Gypsy girl, as well as the Ai Si Mada in the Notre Dame of Paris, they are passionate, the character is true, the beauty is moving, and it is a diligent literary image. . From their body, you can know the typical characteristics of Gypsies. Dare to hate, unruly card door, leaning against the pit and deceived, to smoke national and state news the smuggling group, with the color of the same benefits; Ai Si Mi Loda drifts the waves, once in dancing, it is a living. And this is the reason why Gypsies is discriminated against, they live unclear, no hometown, migration in wandering ways. At the same time, Gypsies do not produce, cultivated land, animal husbandry, handicrafts, manufacturing, and the means of make a living is just divination, dancing and playing dog bear. Since there is no stable business, many Gypsies will steal, begging, selling population, people in other countries, obviously low status.

What is much more worthless is that the characteristics of Gypsies are constantly migrating. In the period of technology, there is still another hidden danger. Europeans believe that large-scale infectious diseases are brought about by Gypsies, and regard them as chelsea fc news update by rss feeds an incorporated symbol of. Over time, Gypsies have the characteristics of discrimination and insults in the cultures of many countries. In real, Gypsies are also difficult to integrate into mainstream societies. They have barely married other nationalities, living in the “slum”, relying on government relief life, do not let children go to school, the garbage is directly lost to the window, let people can’t avoid it. In Romania, Slovakia, there are few countries, and few people are willing to be lower than they adjacent to them. After moving into the government, the Gypsies will move all the money, and even the bricks don’t let go, I feel unsuitable to live, they will start to wand down the next place. Therefore, in most European consciousness, Gypsies are synonymous, poverty, and crime, should be crowded and driven.

Ib is not latest news of indian television a Gypsy

The current Bologna coach Mikhailovic once talked about a regret that he had done. He insulted Vicra when he was played in Lazio, called the French as “black X of dog X”, so stopped Match. This thing made Miha worried, he said that Vira first is “the gypsy man of dog X,” I then hit it. After the Second World War, the Balkans became the world’s largest Gypsy gathering area, so the name of the Gypsies represents discrimination against some Eastern European countries. This is true, although he grows in Malmmer, it is a Swede, but his father is from Bosnia, and the mother is a Croatian, plus Ibrahimovich like a typical Slavic name like Ibrahimovic, making him easy to be Plane discrimination against “Gypsy”.

More importantly, Ibraia’s character is unwrapped, and the career tour is uncertain. No one is more like a Gypsie. online in hindi For Italian fans, Ibrahual is active in Juventus, Inter Milan and AC Milan, and the vocabulary of the enemy of the enemy. The dictionary is clearly not loyal, so the Roman fans seized such a character. Crazy The cloth is also a targeted. However, Ibi obviously does not like this nickname, so it will respond to the home fans after the goal.

Which players do you want to be a Gypsy?

In fact, there are some players who have some players in the football court, and the most famous is a prostra. The stars of the Portuguese star that have been called C Luo have indeed a distinctive Gypsy style. Compared to self-requested strict C Luo, Qules Ma is more inclined to freedom, whether it is training or competition style, and there is no feeling of his feature. More interest is that Lulesma has been in the Portuguese Sports (Lisbon Athletics), and the footprints have come through Portugal, Spain, England, United Arab Emirates, Turkey and other places, which have been effective in 10 teams, the waves of the world. And Father is Van Defat of Gypsies, and in many countries in their careers.

Instead, it is also the Gypsy’s Hess, Navas, and his most famous characteristics is a love. At the same time, those players who have frequently replaced in the career, especially the players who have actually been effective for the enemy team, are also called “Gypsies”, such as Anelka and Vieri, some people use this The statement is satirious to “moving for money.”

Of course, we must be divided into two questions. This is also the case concerning the Jess session. Some people have seen their unbearable side, others regard them as an advocacy, for the ideal symbol. For example, Pirlo expressed his body’s gbfamily in the autobiography. He said that he has been looking for a clean soil in the football world, which can make his ability to freedom, do not have to be severely tactical. . (Supine / zz)

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