Who is the most powerful eleven in the history of the world women’s football?


Miyaham, Marta, Sun Wen, etc. are estimated that there is no controversy, others may have their own opinions, with the development of women’s football team, more and more appear. The following is the world’s most strong list of women in my heart, and the brick is picked up (343 formation):

Door: Hope Soro (USA) – the first 100 “zero” opponents will:

Buffon is going to, but the female foot door will also have, some friends may like to use the complete female foothold to compare with the national football. I have been hesitant between Soro and Skali. Sherli has thrown Liu Ying’s penalty in the 1999 Women’s World Cup finals, so that channel news the Chinese team will race the runner-up, but after all, Soro is The world’s first female footer will help American women’s football team in 2008 and 2012, and the individual also got the Golden Hand Set, its accurate pre-judgment, fast response, agile It’s impressive. I finally chose this more talked door.

Beege (1): Haig Ric (Norway) – players who grow up in European men

The status of Risse in Norway is similar to Sun Wen in China. She is the greatest female football star in Norway, leading the Norwegian team to win the 1995 World Cup and the 2000 Olympic champion. From the age of 6, the girl will always play with the men’s football, and it has been able to follow the Norwegian men’s feet queues! Until 15 years old, she also added to the female football, a total of 188 times for Norwegian team, and 58 grain balls were the gupta general store best shooter of the history. This is a mid-site player, but because her body is high, the card and judgment is strong, and she put her in the best defender of history, I am so arranged here. After all, the opponent of this lineup is a men’s football (Chinese men’s feet is also male foot).

Beeguard (2): Joy Fast (United States) – the back of the United States peak period

Stand Fu Saite, one of five golden flowers US Women peak period, the defensive line for the national team played more than 200 games, he has participated in three World Cups 95,99,03 and 96,00,04 three Olympic Games. Even more frightening is that all sessions are all played the audience, not the fate of one minute! Called perpetual motion machine of world football.

Defender (c): Lucy Bulong Ze (England) – the world’s strongest defender of women’s football

Lucy Bu Longze almost be called a women’s football is latest update of the world’s strongest defender, has won the 2019 UEFA Women’s Player of the Year and 2019 World Player of the best women’s football of the Year, at the same time as a guard won the 2020 Miss World football, it is the absolute core of England. After a girl is 90, it is not never seen.

Midfield (a): West (Brazil) – Kingdom of football talent

West, formerly known as “Francis Ryder – Lima – Multi – C?tes” (not important, I know you can not remember), 16-year-old entered the Brazilian national team, the 1999 Women’s World Cup on sharing the Golden Boot with Sun Wen , is a deadly shooter, also has an excellent positioning of the ball technology. West fully inherited the Brazilian football talent, the ball in midfield, dribbling, passing, shooting and all-powerful, but limited the overall strength of the Brazilian team, West led the Brazilian team only won one World Cup third place and to day latest news in telugu 1 Olympic rd Runner.

Midfield (b): Sun Wen (China) – “Steel Roses” super core

Sun Wen, the absolute core of the Steel Roses, the Chinese women’s football captain peak in 1999 Women’s World Cup top scorer (Golden Boot individual), best female football players of the 20th century, led the Chinese women’s football has won the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games women’s football runner-up and 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup runner-up. Sun Wen technical detail, good sense, pass the ball accurately, but also the free kick expert, even more unusual is an excellent left foot can play quality free kick, also worked at a game each left foot into a kick , Men who can do it?

Midfield (c): Liu Ailing (China) – left foot waves in the world to beat the defending champion into a sieve

Liu Ailing named to the official history of the world’s best women’s football team, she was 20 years old to enter the Chinese women’s national soccer team for the national team played more than 140 games, is one of the main national team most capped player, the team won the first 6-11 Asian Cup titles, 1 Olympic Games runner-up, once the World Cup runner-up and many other honors. She was in the 1999 World Cup in China against defending champion Norway in the game, each scored a left foot volley to help the Chinese team 5: 0 victory over the defending champion, Europe and the entire women’s football has left an indelible impression . After Liu Ailing to join the US Women’s Major League team head coach Liu Ailing talk directly, “you say something about your characteristics, according to our team to develop tactics you.”

Midfield (four):?? Karin Jennings Gabala (United States) – mass shooting superb top midfielder

Karin is one of the best women’s football history midfield, attack her strong organizational skills, at the 1991 Women’s World Cup, she not only five goals to win the Golden Globe, but also contributed five assists to help his teammates rattling in the goals. Her total of 117 caps and scored 53 goals, has helped the US team win the World Cup and Olympic champion. After retiring as a women’s soccer team coach.

Forward (a): Mia Hamm (USA) – the spiritual symbol of American Women

Mia Hamm is an American soccer hero, she inspired a whole generation of Americans, because her sake, many American girls walked into the pitch. She physically strong, good foot of technology, especially the highly skilled God door, into a total of 158 goals for the US women’s football, to help the US team won twice Olympic champion and two Women’s World Cup champion, twice elected individuals Miss World football.

Forward (B): Marta (Brazil) – wearing a skirt Bailey

Marta was the only one to win six times Miss World football players, known as “wearing a skirt Pele”, on behalf of the Brazilian women’s football has won the 2007 Women’s World Cup runner-up, the 2004 Athens Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympic Games silver medal in women’s football . She is fast, powerful, magnificent dribbling, ball control well, daring dares to score, is Brazil’s first attack hand, can i make a wonderful and practical maneuver Marseille in the game, the foot of technology than the general men’s player to be fine.

Forward (three): Alex Morgan (USA) – the most beautiful football player active duty US Women’s main striker and the world

Morgan on behalf of the US team has won in 2008 U-20 Women’s World Cup champion (individual obtain copper boots Award and the Silver Ball Award), 2012 London Olympic Games gold medal, the 2011 Women’s World Cup runner-up, the 2011 Algarve Cup, 2019 World Cup , 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games women’s football bronze medal.

Morgan is not only the US Women’s current main striker, also known as the world’s most beautiful football player. Well, Morgan can enter the lineup, Yan also played an important role in value.

Superior looks but also for Morgan won high popularity, but also attracted the attention of Bryant, Bryant has said Morgan was his favorite female football players, she is also one of six people after Bryant opened tweets first concern, the Bryant’s move makes a lot of fans have begun to focus on the US women’s football idol.

The final list of 11 National People’s Congress (line 343):

Goalkeepers: Hope Solo (United States)

Defenders: Haig Riise (Norway), Joey Fu Sete (United States), Lucy Bulong Ze (England)

Midfielders: West (Brazil), Sun Wen (China), Liu Ailing (China), Gabala (United States)

Forwards: Mia Hamm (USA), Marta (Brazil), Alex Morgan (USA)

This lineup in the United States 5, 2 Brazil, China 2, Norway 2, England 1 people have to say the strength of the US Women’s really powerful. I do not know if my friends agree that there are no other candidates? In addition, if you think the Chinese soccer team against active duty with this super women’s football, win a few balls it?

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