Whether Xiaomanning is enough to enter the famous Hall history, the best outer work is actually


It seems that the top players of each sports project will be compared by the fans, just as the foothillmero, the basket is Zhan Du. In NFL, this contrast is often expanded. When people talk about the greatness of the four defense, several players often enter everyone’s vision. Among them, for Eli Manning’s debate is endless, when some people think that he is already great enough to enter the celebrities, other people will always jump out of their objections, such as the famous Hall of Commerce Jerry Less.

In the radio program earlier this week, Les talked about the topic of Xiaomaning. And his attitude is very resolute: Xiaomanne should not belong to a member of the famous Hall.

“When I judge a player, we have to see what behave in the game, enough to enter the celebrities; and the performance I see is not this level.” Jerey-Les evaluated this, the best outer junction in this league’s history believes that Xiao Manne is not excellent enough, especially compared to the quadrants like Drew Bris.

“I think Dru-Bris is no doubt (entering the celebrities), Eli? He has the opportunity to enter the celebrities, but in my opinion, he is not qualified to become a real celebrity member.”

This speech is bound to cause a controversy, especially for the fans of many “total champion”. Indeed, the Super Bowl Champion Ring is one of the four-dimensional standards, and in today’s quartz, in addition to the Tom Brradi (5), it is followed by it. “Double kill” Breddy’s Little Manning and Steel people’s book – Rodrisberg (2), as for Alon Rogers and Dru-Bris only have a ring in hand. Because the two rings of Little Manning are taken in Tom Braddy, it is more precious.

Jerey Less’s reminders, because Little Manning’s regular season is so fluctuated, especially in recent years, the performance is even worse. In the 223 game of career, he only won 113 wins and 110 losses; and more than 202 wins in Tom-Bradi, Arom Rogers’s 98 wins and 52 losses 1 flat, Xiaomanin’s Data is embarrassed. What is even more embarrassing is that Xiao Manning career has a total of 234 times to the opponent; since the 2004 new show session, after 2005-2017, he has to send at least 10 times a year. Among them, the 18th intercepts of the 27th CDs in 2013 were shocked. If it is not in the west coast attack system in recent years, it is caused by the increase in the screen and the ribbling of the ribbon and the reduction in the long biography of 20 yards. I am afraid that the history of the History Critical Wang Brett – Falun is to find a successor. However, the increasing short biography of Eli Manning has gradually lost the explosive force of the long biography, and the giant has nothing to do with this change in recent years.

Although many people think that two championships can represent everything, at least Jerry Lees don’t think so. And this famous comment is to have a pivotable component. Career 1549 game completion is the most common, 22895 code pick-up code is the most common, 23546 code promotes the total code is the most, 197th, the ball is reached, the leader, 208 The number of times the total number of times is the most common. This “five most” is enough to see the historical position of this history.

“Yes, I don’t think Eli is enough to become a member of the Hall of Fame, I like Dru-Bris,” Jerry Less reaffirmed this view. Xiaobian seems to have already felt the mountain tsunami from the comment area, what do you see for the historical status of Elays Manning?

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