When Zhao Lun Qiuxi is carried out: a solid step towards dreams!


I believe that the readers who have been paying attention to the MLB public account https://www.fanstore2.com
are not strange to Zhao Lun’s name (baseball life). Because of the personality that is not convinced, the coach is called the Bulldog in the farm system of the Milwaukee Sprnownel.

Although not on the game of the big alliance, he has been regarded as a key training object, and has become the first Chinese Chinese player who was invited to participate in the Arizona Fall Alliance (AFL) competition.

Zhao Lun is a solid further step towards the dream. During the AFL game from October 13th to November 20, we will track every game of this small pitcher.

Harm return

At the age of 17, it is signed with the big alliance team. Zhao Lun’s talent is unquestionable. Whether it is a rapid straight ball https://www.mlbtrojerse.com that has reached 150+ km / h, it is also a very high evaluation of the ball.

Although the effect of TJ surgery and new https://www.mlbdrakterno.com crown epidemics, Zhao Lun’s 2020 season is spent in reconstruction. However, after returning to the newcomer in the 2021 season, Zhao Mun received six opportunities, from the second pitcher to close the door, the accumulated 8.2 bureau only 1 points, in the case of only 2 four-bad guaranteed Take a 13th oscillator.

Zhao Lun’s excellent three-oscillated / guaranteed ratio won the coach’s recognition. Moreover, the average scorpion of Zhao Lun speed balls rapidly more than 90 miles, and the power of the curved ball has also been improved, and the speed ball is also added to its own weapon.

It is also a good performance with yourself, Zhao Lun has won the opportunity to participate in the Fall https://www.mlbtrojerse.comAlliance.


AFL is self-evident for the importance of new people, there is no shortage of new stars, showing the new star, https://www.fanartikelsportde.com which is a chance to Zhao Lun, is also a challenge. The AFL is also an important appearance after Zhao Lun TJ surgery, the growth of physical fitness and psychological status is expected!

I have seen that the readers who “challenge Arizona Qiubi, Zhao Lun, Zhao Lun, the big alliance, and the League of the Great League”, the autumn alliance is the 30 teams of the MLB, think of the value of the value of the cultivation. The opportunity of the player “opening small stove”. Most of these players are 30 new show in each team. Many participants are also basically a small alliance 2A and even 3A.

According to the statistics of the Great Alliance, all the players who have participated in AFL have https://www.maillotspascherfr.com eventually entered the big alliance. There have been 321 all-star, 21 MVP, 8 World Competitions MVP, 6 games, 103 Silver Cove Awards,https://www.mlbboutique2.com 96 gold gloves award winners and 32 best rookies. Among them, Drac-Kitt, Mike Chiacha Sui Tang Hall, Hall, Basto, Max, Maxie, and Albert-Prince, have been scheduled a player of the famous Hall.

It is not difficult to see that the wineman’s emphasis on Zhao Lun. Zhao Lun is a salt river, the team of the AFL. The team consists of five teams of tall players, and Zhao Lun is the smallest player.

In the next half of October, Zhao Lun attended 3 games in three games to serve as a pitcher. At present, the defense rate ERA is 2.25.

On October 17, the 8-year-old team leads to the Sunshine Socks 15-7, ending the competition in advance in 8 games. Zhao Lun took a board in the 7 bureau,https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com and faced 4 players. Take 16 goals, 7 good balls, 1 four bad guarantees 1 loss. The three outlets were 2ndly rolled, and 1 high futon https://www.mlbdrakterno.com killed.

Although in a place after an out of the game, the mentality was adjusted in time, and two follow-up two-year-old players, especially the last goal, Zhao Lun let the Marlin’s fifth new Xiu Brai (BLEDAY) Hat out the left outside the flying ball out, and end the show firmly.

On October 23, the Yanhe Earm team was home to the sunny socks. Zhao Lun is on the 3 games to board the board and cast a 2.1 bureau. This is also the longest appearance time of Zhao Lun in AFL single field. Although the team finally 5-9 home is not enemy opponents, it faces 8 hit players, Zhao Lilong has 20 balls, of which 23 good balls, 1 four bad guarantees 1 three vibration, not being played, 0 lost.https://www.mlbtrikot4.com Complete your own relay role very well.

On October 30, the 8-6 regrets lost to the West, 10 games. Zhao Lun starts on the 10 games 1 for https://www.fanstore2.com
rescue pitcher, cast 9 goals 5 good balls, 1 deliberate four bad guarantees 1 placement.


Since the AFL’s players are a tomorrow star of each team, the level can be stable at 2A or even 3A, and the competitive level is obviously higher than Zhao Lun’s newcomers. Drop.

However, even if the opportunity to play, if you take this to exercise to your own control level and the attitude of the game, you will be very valuable for Zhao Lun, this is also one of the important purposes of the wineman arranged to participate in the AFL. .

Zhao Lun’s performance in these few games can be discounted, and can see obvious progress. His good ball rate rises, facing tension, it can be calm, especially at the beginning of ERA. And there is no shortage of someone who is running on the base, and quickly adjusts the mentality, and https://www.b2bshopp.comcontinuously grasps the old manifestation of the two out. These can not simply use data to grow, and Zhao Lun is also very valuable.

The AFL schedule has exceeded half. In the next game, whether the noise team and Zhao Lun are clotted against the stream? Can our small pitcher find the rhythm, hand over a satisfactory result? Fay, talk about your thoughts in the comment area!