When you start playing his wife, mother and child gave him a retired video, CC-Sabsia also suppressed their tears when they were retired videos. The final regular season https://www.maillotspascherfr.com of the Saiji team this season, the team held the ceremony to pay attention to the old retired after the season.”I have spent 11 years in the team,” Sabsia said in the ceremony, and he also grateful to the team’s physiotherapist and other staff.Sabasia has a tribute to the golf car around the diamond venue, and the team gives a 39-year-old Sabasia with a work of his career achievements, and 10-day Japanese trip. Then he published a short speech and took a group photo with his family and the team. Finally, he made a ceremonial first ball. The first catcher of his life – his mother, caught his pitch before the homerboard.In the future, he may continue to take advantage of the team, serve as a team consultant or coach. “I think my future is here. I won’t go anywhere, I live in Yangji Stadium, here is my home,” https://www.mlbtrikot4.com Sabsia said in the locker room. And his side, every teammates’ chairs have a gift of Sabasia’s career.In 1998, Shabacia, who has just graduated from the Varejo high school near San Francisco, was selected by the Cleveland, in 2001, in 2001, Shabia, the first time, the new show, got 17 wins and 5 losses. .”When I just went to the big league, I didn’t think it would be so long. I am from Warejo, a child from the slum, so I can come here is quite good, I am completely unable Imagine can be in the big alliance for a year. “Shabuya 22 times this season, 5 wins, 8 wins, 8 wins, and self-blade 4.99, because the long-term right knee is not suitable for four times to the injury list, he may need knee joint surgery.After Sabasia opened the big league career in 2001, Sabsia opened a short-lived wineman, and signed a contract https://www.mlbdrakterno.com with Yangji team in December 2008. At present, his career score is 251 wins and 161 negative, and the self-blade rate is 3.74,3091 times. Sabasia was selected for 6 times, and 2007 won the US League Yang. In 2009, the most valuable players in the Foundation Angel Meeting Championship series, and in the face of the World Competition in Philadelphians.”19 years of shooting, telling the truth, I really feel a bit tired. I will rest well next year, especially let my body relax. But I will miss the brothers here, I miss everything https://www.b2bshopp.com here.”Yang Biece playoffs may use the four round values ??that will be large, James – Parxton, Louis Sevilino and Ja-Hap, and Shabiese will be used as a contributor. In the past, he only had an experience from the cowshed, which was the fifth game of the United Jianfang division in 2011. He lost a point in the game 2-3 lost in the tiger team. “I am nervous and excited, I don’t know what will happen.”Sabasia has heard that it is the debate that he can grant Hall of Haven. This year he participated in the ceremony of Mariano-Rivila. “I have seen a variety of gatherings, I like party, so I will be very interesting if I can grant the Hall of House.”