What should basketball shooting posture? Kobe: How is it comfortable!


Friends who often play can have seen thousands of shot postures on the wild ball. They have the ball go out, there is a single-hand shooting, no matter which position must hook your hand, even there is a diak, then the most What is the scientific shooting posture? Mainly two 90 ° and a force. Two 90 ° referring to the upper arm and the lower arm of 90 °, and the angle https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com of the torch and the upper arm is also 90 °. If you have to use your wrist, it is not pushing. go out.

We look at Kobe and Ray Allen and other shooting masters, they shoot in the game, almost every time, this is the most scientific and most stable posture. And not only this, before shooting, the two feet should be wider as possible. Put the ball in the abdomen. Double knee minus, jumping from below, and puts the ball to the top of the head, when the jump is at the highest point, the inertia and wrist of the wrist beat https://www.nbatrikots4.com the ball in the upper body.

However, the above-mentioned standard shooting and jumper posture, with most people’s power, it may not specify, unless the arm is very strong, otherwise it will often appear three non-contact. Then we can also return to the next way, choose to put the ball out. In the NBA superstar https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
library, it is to use it. Other technical movements are basically consistent, but the Curry is put the ball on the side of the face, not on the head, and the upper arm and the lower arm are less than 90 °, easier to force, shooting when shooting Push the ball out, not to dial, for friends who have insufficient power, such basket is still very friendly.

Of course, these two have summarized the experience of professional players. If they are practicing, they are not necessarily scientific, but they are not necessarily https://www.maillotbasket6.com scientific, there is a grandfather of the stadium, no matter which position is in the stadium, there is a hook, still Special precision, like the NBA player Maryon, his shot is directly pushed out from the chest, and there is a good hit rate. If it is the most beautiful and scientific, of course, it is a way of learning Kobe and Ray Allen, but Kobe himself said, how is it comfortable, just in order to practice basketball, there is no need to do so standard, do you think?