What is the true sentence of SMG football?


What is the most classic sentence?

Is a movie fan ~ o (∩_∩) O haha ??~ Wang Jiawei classic line “The world is unparalleled”: Many times, love a person love too deep, people will drunk, and hate too long, the heart is also easy to break. The most painful news in hindi delhi aaj tak livething in the world is waiting, I don’t know how long she waited for me, I always thought that I wouldn’t have a chance to see her, suddenly, I don’t know how to open, I don’t know how to tell the first sentence, Tell her, I really love her. There are a lot of troubles in the world that it is easy to solve, some things as long as you are willing to see, you will have another scene, I finally understand, what is the meaning of static flowers, in fact, what is the approval, you should you I have you, I have you, who is a male who is a woman, what is the relationship, two people are happy together, today she is a little bang, maybe I will be turned to me tomorrow. “Eastern Divide” After many years, I have a nickname called the West, anyone can become vicious, as long as you try to be embarrassing. I don’t mind how others look at me,world latest breaking news in hindi I just don’t want others to be more happy than I. I thought that some people will never be embarrassed, because he is too proud. When I was on, I met a person, because he liked it east, so many years later, he had a nickname called Dongxie. Don’t know what is the difference between drinking and drinking water? The more you eat, the more you warm, the more you drink, the more cold. When you want to forget someone, you will remember him. A person has a worry because the memory is too good, if you can forget, every day, every day, you will start, how good you said. People who know you are not your friend, but your enemy. Everyone will pass through this stage, I want to know what the mountain is behind. I really want to tell him that you may have turned over behind the mountain, you will find that there is nothing special. Looking back, it may feel better this side. Everyone will adhere to their beliefs, and it is a waste of time, but she feels very important. East evil: Although I like her very much, I have never told her. Because I know that something that is not getting is always the best. West Poison: I know how to protect myself from a child. I know that I want to be refused, the best way is to first refuse others. West poison: drunk dreams, but she is a joke with me. Some things you want to forget, I will remember. When some things you can’t get, you can do it, just don’t forget. Murong: I have asked myself, is your favorite woman? But I don’t want to know now. If one day I can’t help but ask you, you must lie to me. Even if you are willing, don’t tell me that your favorite people are not me. “A Fei Zheng Chuan” do you know that there is a bird without feet? His life can only fly in the sky, sleeping, sleeping in the wind, only one living in a lifetime, that is, when he is dead. I don’t know how many women will like this. I don’t know which one is my favorite. No. 16, April 16th. One minute ago on April 16th, you are with me, because you will remember this minute. From now on, we are friends, this is a fact, you can’t change it, because the past, I will come again tomorrow. “Chongqing Forest” Every day you have the opportunity to wipe your body, and you or not know about it, but maybe one day he will become your friend or confidant, I am a policeman, my name Called He Zhiwu, number. Everyone has a loss of love, and every time I fall in love, I will go running, because running can evaporate your body in your body, but I don’t easily cry, how can I cry? In the hearts of Amei, I am a cool man. Starting from the day of breakup, I bought a canned pine in May 1, because pineapple is the favorite thing in Ammy, and May 1 is my birthday. I told me myself, when I bought 30 cans, she will not expire if she is still not coming. I don’t know when I started, there is a day in everything, the autumn knife fish will expire, the meat will expire, and even the fresh paper will expire. I started to doubt, in this world, what else will not expire of? On May 1st, there is a woman told me “Happy Birthday”, because of this sentence, I will always remember this woman. If the memory is also a can, I hope that the can can not expire; if you have to add a day, I hope she is 10,000 years. When I was close to her, the distance between us was only 0.01 cm. I didn’t know anything about her. After 57 hours, I fell in love with her, after six hours, she likes another man. I thought she had been with her for a long time, just like a plane full of oil, I can fly far, who knows the plane in the middle of the plane … I cried, you give a paper towel him; but if one The people in the house cry, you have to do a lot. I don’t know when I start, I become a very careful person. Every time I wear a raincoat, I will wear sunglasses. You will never know when it will rain, when is there a sun. “Fallen Angel”: When you are young, use the answer, but when you are old, you may feel that life does not have a so-called answer. Every day you have the opportunity to wipe your body, some people may become your friend or is a confidant, so I never give up any opportunity to grind anything. Sometimes I have to get my own blood flow, manage him! I am happy. Every day you will have a lot of people, and that person may become your friend, or confidant. So I have never given up any opportunity to rub the friction. Sometimes I will get my head broken blood flow, manage it, I am happy. Some people are not suitable for too close.24×7 bengali news I don’t know if I don’t know. Do the shooting, in addition to understanding her, but also give her a chance to let her know you. The best partner should not be emotional. Many people think that there is no friend in this line, in fact, the killer will have primary school students. “Fantastic Year”: “If you do one ticket, will you walk with me?” “If you do one ticket, will you take me together?” The era has passed, belongs to that era. Everything does not exist. “Spring light” Li Yaohui, it is better to come from the head.I really want you to accompany me.It’s much closer to him, I can’t hear anything, I only hear my heart is jumping, I don’t know if he can hear?Always think that I am different from him, when I am lonely, all people are the same.Sometimes, the ears are more important than your eyes, and many things are listening afternoon news todaythan using your eyes, and a person is happy, but the sound can not be installed.I will know when I hear it.In fact, love is time-time, knowing too early or too late, if I know her at another time or space, this ending may not be the same.Nowadays, deep and connotations are very important.So Wang Jiawei became a small class of lovers.But in “” before it comes out.After coming out, I think Wang Jiawei finally became a *** director from a strap.However, Wang Jiawei’s line can still be seen.It is indeed a deeper thing.

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