What is the rules of the game of badminton sports?


Today I want to introduce you to some of the most common basicfootballBasic work training methods can be completed in two meters.

Method / step

Continuous scissors leg

While keeping your feet without touching the ball, step on your feet from the inside.

Foot pedal

Alternately stepping on the ball with the foot while trying to keep the ball in the original place.


Alternately, pull the ball to the other footage horizontally.

Try to keep the ball on the horizontal line and move smoothly.

Football dance

First, from left to right, use the right foot bottom, the left foot bottom, the right foot from the back to the back.

Then, when turned left from right, with the left foot bottom, the right foot bottom, the left foot is touched with the left foot.

Use the right foot to pull the ball and use the outer side of the right foot.

First pull the ball with the right foot bottom, support the leg [left foot] jump to keep the balance.

Then use the ball back to the original position with your right foot rear.

Such a reciprocating cycle.

Take the ball with the left foot, use the left foot of the left foot

First pull the ball with the left foot bottom, support the leg [right foot] to keep balance.

Then push the ball back to the original position with your left foot.

Such a reciprocating cycle.

Football basic skill training method

1. Blow is one of the important methods of white teaching familiarity. Teacher Du, who has just started regular training, often starting with the ball.

Action points:

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The ball must be coordinated and relaxed. The knee should not be too tight, the ankle joint should not be loose, otherwise it will cause unstable; do not stop at the foot of the ball, move small steps, better adjust the center of gravity to control the ball; do not use toes down Or go up, moving the ball forward or backward, making the ball difficult to control;

If you can’t hit the ball continuously at the beginning of the exercise, you can roll the ball first, then grab it with your hand, Manchester United Jersey then roll it up, and catch it. After the action is familiar, you can continue. Try to hit the ball in different parts. The arch and thighs are also commonly used.

One person exercises, experience the time of touches, the position of the ball, the strength of the ball and the coordination of the entire action. Practice a ball with more people, try to use the back, thighs, heads, and all parts, and give it to another.

The short ball is divided into bows and feet. The short Mbappé Jersey biography is the most common technology in football.

2, short pass

Action points:

Arc: Support should be properly positioned, the toe should be forward, the knee is slightly curved, face the ball, the surface of the arched ball is perpendicular to the direction of delivery, the foot of the sole Football Shirts Wholesale is parallel, the toe is slightly Alice, use The bow is kick directly in the back. After kicking the ball, move toward the ground, swing in parallel with the ground, don’t go up.

The back of the foot: The position of the support feet is the same arch, the upper part is slightly lowered, the center of gravity is slightly developed, the touching foot is close to the foot, and the front foot back or the outer back is used directly to kick the ball behind.

Practice method:

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Two people took the ball, one man stepped on the ball, and the other person passed the ball. Action is already in place, but it is not too difficult. This method is mainly used for beginners to practice passive ball postures. The distance between the two people is 5-15 meters (distance depends on the level of familiarity and personal ability). After the ball is stopped, the ball is used to bring the ball. This method is also practiced to stop short biography.

3, long pass

As the name suggests, this is a long-distance pass. If the short biography is the foundation, then the long biography is based on the improvement. Therefore, the accuracy of the long biography is necessary. It is best not to pass if you are not allowed. Second, the long biography must have a high level. Since the distance is long, if the transmission is low, it will be intercepted or destroyed by the other party. For example, if you pass from the center to the center striker, the ball will be destroyed by low, this high-pass belief will make many people seriously injured.

Action points:

There are two commonly used long biography, one is scribble (in the live broadcast of TV, players often use the foot to gently rub the ball), the other is to pull (relatively powerful). Big). Do not make specifications and location accuracy when practicing these two methods. If these are correct, you can guarantee the height of the ball and then increase the power.

Wipe the ball on the inside side, for a long time: the support foot should be slightly shorter than short circuits, and the direction is also to the direction of delivery, center of gravity is concentrated in the support foot (you can feel that the body is obviously tend to support the foot), and the foot is tight 90 degrees The toes support the feet, and the foot is slightly tilted, which is beneficial to better pickup. Wipe the ball and ground in the inside (do not feel distressed, the foot is used to rub the ground. Ball), the ball is kicked out, it moves along the parabolic, the balloon rotates.

Back: The essentials of this action are roughly the same as the previous movement, just when you touch the ball, pull the ball from the center of the ball from the center of the ball. For parabolic, the ball is basically not rotated in the air (it feels that this method is adjusted by the back of the floor, but it is easier to master on the ground on the ground).


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