What is difficult is to break the NBA record! US media gives 15 data, one of them an exclusive five


The NBA has too many, too many records. However, there is a record in the NBA record basically is unlikely to be broken. We can even say that these records will never be broken. So the question is, NBA record date which is unlikely to be broken it? To address this issue sports media FW gives us the answer, let’s look at what gives this answer FW are included.

15: Stockton -15 806 assists

Stockton career total of 15,806 sent out assists, but also sent a 3264 steals, two figures are the first NBA history. But it is worth mentioning that, ranking second in the history assists list Kidd career https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com only sent out assists Bisituoke Dayton 12091 3715 times less. Kidd closest active player is Paul, Paul has sent out 10472 career assists Bisituoke 5334 Dayton fewer assists, even if Paul hit 41-year-old can not go beyond Stockton.

14: Chamberlain 65 consecutive games scoring 30 +

NBA players get 30 + single-game scoring this is normal, but if you get 65 consecutive games scoring 30-plus history of Chamberlain only one person can do. Of course, the Nets Harden also active 17 consecutive games scoring 30 +, but Harden and Chamberlain is still a difference of 48 games.

13: 98.1% free throw shooting.

When it comes to the stability of free throws believe that most fans first thought must be the library, but there is called Calderon a player in NBA history. In the 2008-2009 season, Calderon won the 154 single-season https://www.maillotbasket6.com free throws, free throws Calderon hit it 154 of 151 shooting as high as 98.1%.

12: Single-game sent 30 assists

I do not know if you’ve seen the highest number of single-game assists out how much, anyway, in my memory the most is seen assists Rondo, has sent more than 25 single-game assists in Pelican team Londo. . However, there was a defender in the history of the Magic called Scott – Scott Skiles, he was in the game against the Nuggets sent more than 30 single-game assists

11: averaging 5.5 blocks per game

1980s insider king of the era, both against the inside of the body in the 1980s, post player regarded defensive talent to play to the head. Especially Jazz Mark Eaton he is a shot-blocker. In the 1984-1985 season, Mark Eaton played for the Utah Jazz, averaging 5.5 blocked shots can be sent. I think that the https://www.nbatrikots4.com record in this league now I am afraid that really can not be broken.

10: Chamberlain Field 100 points.

Chamberlain had in a game 63 shots in 36 free throws 3228, single games to get 100 points. The player closest to Chamberlain scored no doubt that Kobe Bryant, and Bryant in 2006, had to get through a single 81 points.

9: Career is not 3s, scored 23334 points.

Throughout his career three-point shot does not many players, but no Parrish career three-point shot too. Of course, not the third shot did nothing special. However, Parrish without 3s to get the 23334 points, a record that I think no one can break.

8: Russell 11 championship.

An NBA player to get a championship has been very difficult, but Russell career a person has got the 11 NBA championship.

7: 41 single season eat technical foul

I do not know of “Wallace” This nickname there is no impression? Anyway, my impression of this nickname is very profound. In the 2000-2001 season, Wallace played 77 games, 77 games in which the Chinese people won a Wallace 41 technical fouls.

6: 50 + scores obtained 118 times

NBA single-game players normally get 30 points, got 40 points is not too surprising, but the players get 50 points is rare. In particular many times in a single game to get 50 points, it is very rare. However, Chamberlain has scored 118 career scoring 50 + times, Jordan ranked second only 31 times.

5: single season, averaging 48.5 minutes played

NBA regular game time is 48 minutes, but Chamberlain was as high as in the 1961-1962 season single time 48.5 minutes off the field. The reason is very simple, that is when the race team this season, Chamberlain is located plus will https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com often appear.

4: a single season played 88 regular-season games

We all know the NBA regular season only 82 games, but Walt Bellamy has played 88 games in the 1968-1969 season. The reason is that Walt Bellamy to play 35 games for the Knicks and then traded to the Pistons, the Pistons played 53 games.

3: 7 fouls single game

As we all know, NBA will be as long as six fouls sent off. However, Bao Dele career there had been a 7 fouls before fouling out of the situation.

2: 1192 consecutive games played.

Active NBA’s “Iron Man” is no doubt that James, but the last few seasons James has often miss the match. However, NBA players have played in a continuous game of 1192, it is the player AC Green. I think this record is basically difficult to be broken.

1: single season, averaging 50.4 points

It is also https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com a Chamberlain’s record, 1961-1962 season, Chamberlain scored 4029 points, he is the only NBA season to get a list of 4000+ scorer. At the same time, Chamberlain is the only NBA season, averaging more than a list of 50+ scorer.