Wei Shao enters the rocket to take the NFL star simulation star angle guard to Texas to join hands to Hopkins?


A few days ago, the entire North American Sports were bombarded by several stars in NBA, including the news about Super Star Rustel – Westbrook, traded to the Houston Rockets, caught countless discussion. Today, the NBA team from Houston has two super backing players in Harden. And the other side, the NFL team from Houston – Houston Texas also passed the secret situation of the Rockets, how is this?

图 左 为 美 队 明 卫 卫 杰杰 - Ramse

图 左 为 美 队 明 卫 卫 杰杰 – Ramse

When the Rockets used Paul trading to be young, as the most popular NFL star in Houston, the Dres Hopkins released a message that greeted Wei Shao on his Instagram. This is a very conventional INS update, but it is a comment of Jackson Ramsey, Jackson Ramsey, next to this INS. Comments on Jalen Ramsey .

Ramse comments on Hopkins with a deep tone: “Under this world, are super stars to hold groups in Houston?”. Interestingly, Hopkins immediately replied a very sincere handshake expression.

It is this two stars to exchange the public opinion of Houston fans. Many people are boldly guess: Ramse is affefed for the predicament of the Jaguji, I want to come to Houston like Wei Shao, with superstars, full of full The brothers love the team, and Ramsse and Hopkins seem to have reached some kind of tacit understanding, so the two are not jealous of the eyebrows on instagram.

Ramse and Hopkins are

Ramse and Hopkins are “eyebrows” on social media.

Imagine that Ramsea is one of the best corner sways in NFL. In the career of Ramse, he completed 9 copy, 44 defense passed, and was selected as a professional bowl, once Best For a while, Ramsene allows Texas to defend the next level. In addition, Ramsea is the famous “trash” king in the NFL alliance, and he will even make hands because of spraying trash with his opponent.

However, in the external hand of Ramset, Hopkins, the most respectful, and Hopkins also pay tribute to Ramse, he said: “We never never Sprinkle with each other, we respect each other, because we all know how to play on the court. “So, combined with Hopkins’ words and the interaction between the two people in social media, like the stars to recruit each other The assembly to play “brothers football” look.

Hopkins or can join hands with Rams in the future.

Hopkins or can join hands with Rams in the future.

The Jacksonville America Tiger just achieved 5 wins and 11 losses, which made the good winner of Ramsey, he felt that he would never feel happy in the American tiger. And the professional bowl is also clearly said that he will not contract with the Jihu business in 2019.

In 2016, Ramsse was selected by the first round of the 5th Coheat, and now he has stepped into the fourth year of his career. This will also be the last year of its rookie contract, the American tiger can be in 2020. The fifth year option of the contract is performed, but Ramse has publicly expressed its intention to Houston. If the Jigi wants to get more returns from Rams, not in two years, it is served as a free player If you choose to go, you can learn the operation of the Thunder’s trading.