Wang Yuan kicks in the MLBText / Fang Ling On September 29th, Wang Yuan, a lost 18-year-old, in the United States Professional Baseball, New Yunda, who is at home and Miami macarth fish, becomes the world’s first Chinese mainland artist in history.[Wang Yuan’s kicking topic]On September 13th, MLB officially announced that artists from China will go to New York Citi Stadium to kick, causing attention. The American Walle is a major ceremony, including the previous US president, performing a big coffee, and the sports superstar have been invited to the venue.The kicking ceremony was held in the morning, Wang Yuan’s baseball cap, standing with a very professional standing in the hands of the hill, with a very professional baseball action to cast the Chinese mainland star in MLB’s first ball. On the occasion of his 18th birthday, Wang Yuan showed the influence of Chinese youth, “a slow motion of the left hand right again” and continued to write its own “Youth Rehabilitation Handbook”.12-year-old “Meng Dai” began to take the popularity of 20 years agoIn August 2013, Zhengtai combined TfBoys was officially fair, and Wang Yuan and Wang Junkai, who were still less than 13 years old, and Wang Junkai and Yi Wei began to quickly informed the rocket, but the mainland has been very rare, not to mention It is a group combination of three long and tender small. Immediately, the lid of the lid, it was very strange that 80, 90 old “aunt”, although the mouth talking about it, he gradually fell in love with these three cuters, they instantly became the most popular group combination in the Mainland. It is straightforward to force the small tigers in the hot.2013, tfboys failedHow many red is TFBOYS? Open Weibo, TFBOYS’s combination Weibo has nearly 16 million fans, and there are nearly 100,000 praise and reply under each Weibo. Just open the search engine website, about 14 million messages about “TFBOYS”, even if the three people open the search, the amount of the message is close to 13 million!At the award ceremony of a award ceremony in 2014, “The Most Popular Singer Award”, when the award guests read the name of “TFBOYS”, the famous singers under the stage are lost, who? When the three-small three-small only slowly stepped into the stage, he saw that “the mother powder” broke out on the stage, and the era of cheers and cheers, Wang Yuan and TFBOYS came.He is young and famous, there are also troublesome 14 years old.As early as in 2011, TfBoys did not arrive before, Wang Yuan joined the TF family to become an exercise student, and the full range of excellent qualities made him stand out and became a member of the three combination. Since the rapid walking in 2013, TfBoys embark on the road, singing, dancing, playing, variety, Wangyuan and the other two small tyrants in the form of a group combat, and respectively. First version of the headline.Wangyuan is less famous2014 Wang Junkai’s Weibo:”There is also a month to test, and I have been reviewing it really tired, so I have to work and rest, so I have to read it immediately!”Like your own little brothers, Wang Yuan also learns and lives like ordinary children, withstanding the troubles, Wang Yuan needs to use the training of performances using the spare time, and the cold summer vacation of the other children is like Ma Yanshan. Wang Yuan’s cold summer vacation has become the busiest moment, and the nine-night five is like office workers, singing, dancing, hosted, and even how to face reporters, they are needed. It is the study and hind, precipitation and transformation of seam pin, precipitation, and transformation, and finally have achieved today’s Wang Yuan.He called the fans of the small dumplings “ai mother powder” to put him as babyBecome a fan of fans, first of all, it is naturally worth the value, a child is a single pair, wide nose, goose face round lobby, plus a well-known “pot head”, innocence and handsome is so cute, smile bend, A small action that smiles towards the lens, I don’t know how many “hot mom” is captured. Even the evaluation believes that Wang Yuan is like a person who comes from Guo Jingming’s novel.So, why is the 17-year-old Wang Yuan who have many fans? In fact, it is very good, if Wang Junkai is the most handsome, Qian Lu is the cooler, then Wang Yuan can be called the most love, this is the best mother powder that hits the mother’s love.As the saying goes, the female big 18th is also the same. In the past two years, with the growth of age, Wang Yuan’s eyes have long, plus the swords of the boiler, the eyebrows are domineering, Wang Yuan’s cheeks It is no longer like a child, but gradually has a prismatic angle, the skin is white, the nose is towering, and the height of the entire person is high, and the throat of the lips and teeth make people realize that Wang Yuan is not small. Boy, but a real man.Compared with today’s Korean Feng Jun men, Wang Yuan’s five senses are not lost, but there is more cute handsome. We can often see “Powder” on Weibo on the table: “Wang Yuan! You change!” From the boys to men, this is a happiness of fans.As for Wang Yuan’s character, lively and unrestrained, even some words, there are some teasing probabilities outside this, which makes him easily heat up the situation in the cold field. Under such character, Wang Yuan is very easy to close, this is fast Eliminates the distance between Wang Yuan and the fans. Because “Source” word, Wang Yuan took the same sound to his fans “small dumplings”, many fans believe that I am more than powdering a love bean, more like raising a baby, Wang Yuan has this magic.Singing and playing, he stepped into the road of singing and shadowAs a singer, the singer of the TFBOYS combination, Wang Yuan, who received a sound education of the national singer, had a good skill, plus the voice clean and clear, some people say that Wang Yuan has “the sound of being touched by angel”. 2012 with Wang Junkai, “A Summer is like autumn”, I have got a bit of singing Fan Qiqi. I have experienced a crouching of the vagada. Today, Wang Yuan has a child’s skill, as well as many years of experience. In the past 2013, Wang Yuan continued to learn piano and guitar, as well as the writer.In 2014, TfBoys interpretted the “Youth Rehabilitation Handbook” and “Dream Home” and so on, the 2016 individual single “because of meeting you” is 300 million, Weibo turn to 400 million.”Youth Rehabilitation Handbook” became a TFBOYS representativeSinging, Excellent performance, Wang Yuan and TFBOYS tried to “electric shock”, the annual giant of the tiger director at the end of 2015, “Old Cannon”, we can see three small guests to show the hospital, volunteer; 2016 Wang Jun director The family theme TV drama “small leave”, three small only have some natural performances playing several campus idols in the play.In the summer of 2016, Guo Jingming’s magical masterpiece “Dot”, Wang Yuan wears special props and sensors to perform performance, perfectly restore the character character of the original silver priest. Until 2017, the TV series “Our Youth Times”, TFBOYS has played three campus baseball hands as the protagonist.Just months, the “Extreme Specializer 4” crew announced the joining of Wang Yuan. It is important to know that the front work of this movie is basically passed by the leader of each industry. Wang Yuan can join, from the side, his box office Compassion. Although he self-evaluation is very tender, sometimes too exaggerated, but such a small age has a wealth of silver experience, Wang Yuan’s performance is not limited.In addition to singing and playing, Wang Yuan’s cheerful character, and super high emotional business make him often in the variety and real people show a piece, a number of host said: “Wang Yuan’s comprehensive sense is Born. “In addition, Wang Yuan is in dancing, advertising, show, speech, hosted, and even charitable careers. For an artist from a small name, Wang Yuan has a lot of benefits, and for its future career Gain.Wang Yuan debut MLB game and then walked on the international stage he represents China’s youth strength.Last summer, the campus sports, baseball, the TV series “Our Youth Times”, set off a wave of intimate teenagers to watch the baseball, playing baseball, is not exaggerated, many teenagers have seen this TV drama because tfboys went to this TV series However, it has harvested the germination of the baseball love. Through this Dongfeng, the American Roman Wallest League selection Wang Yuan as a bull guest, naturally it is also hoping to promote the influence of MLB in mainland China.Nowadays, Wang Yuan is not only a young artist in mainland China. In 2017, the 16-year-old Wang Yuan has been “the most influential youth”, “the” Times “magazine; At the beginning of this year, he mounted the United Nations stage by the UNICEF young education messenger and the Chinese youth representative, with a full English speech article, a positive energy, internationalization of equality of educational opportunities and educational resources. Wang Yuan is also able to represent the youth strength of China today.Wang Yuanzhang boarded a well-known magazineWang Yuan’s personal style is light and profitable, and it is very uncomfortable. I feel together with the MLB competition, and I love the king of the baseball. I embarked on the real American baseball stadium today. I will go to the International Stage again.Just like TFBOYS lyrics: “When I have to meet the expectations of everyone like a perfect child.” In the past, Wang Yuan said, “Whether it is because I don’t know or not I really don’t like it, there is only one way – that it is better to make yourself. “