Trump and Cape Nick reconciliation: If he is enough to go back to the NFL stadium


US President Donald Trump said on August 9th that if Colin Kaepernick is excellent enough, he is “very happy” to see him return NFL.

Trump received media interviews outside the White House, someone asked Cape Nick’s situation. Cape Nik has not played a ball in NFL since the end of the 2016 season, which will be he sitting on the couch for the third consecutive season, rather than standing on the familiar stadium command team. On August 7, he released a video in Twitting and Instagram. The video showed that he was sweating in the gym, and said that after the broad NFL two seasons, he “ready to prepare again.”

When asked questions with Cape Nick, Trump said: “Only when he is enough, the NFL team will consider him. If he is really good, they will re-employ him, that problem Come, if he is good enough, why don’t you fight the ball now? “

“I know many bosses, such as Robert Kraft, Robert Kraft, if he is excellent, they will sign him.” After the finish, Trump was emphasized again: “So, if he is really It is good enough, and these people who know will not hesitate to sign him, those people will be in order to win all the games. Frankly, if Cape Nick is so good, I am very happy to see him returning to NFL. “

The 49-year-offs for the former San Francisco in 2016 became the focus of the United States because of the “国 歌”. At that time, the protests and police atrocities were replaced many times when they played the national anthem, and many players were also criticized by many people who included Trump. The video released recently, Capeni seems to practice very careful in the gym: “5 o’clock in the morning, 5 in a week, 3 years, I am ready.” From Capenik, the video started to start, he already There is 889 days in the NFL game.

In 2017, Trump criticized NFL players expressing protests when the national anthem was expressed in a rally in Alabama, and suggested that NFL’s bosses cut these “cancer”. Trump said that such protests changed the essence of sports, fans should also refuse to see them. Although he did not mention the name of Capenik or any other player at the rally, he admitted earlier in 2017 because of the pressure of public opinion, Cape Nick did not find a job.

In March 2017, Karenik and 49 contracts expired, there has been no signing. In October 2017, Capenke made a complaint according to the collective negotiation agreement, accused NFL and boss, stop him from returning to the league. Until this year, Capenik and the Alliance reached a consensus, which also means that Katnik, who left the venue for three years, had the opportunity to continue his career.

Trump is like a relieving relationship with Kapenik, but the meaning seems to be “You can’t play the ball now, because you are not excellent.”