Tracked Milan? Not only Jane Khan Ou, the soldiers who slide the old land


Since the Boske Act, the player’s free flow has become a reality. And an agent, a player or a higher honor, or to pursue higher salary, even in a more comfortable environment, they will actually appear in the situation of the old land. Most players are actually full of warmth, but there are also many players who are more rampant when they are old, but this is the theme of our review.

Characle Kagu

This is a person who has triggered Football Shirts Wholesale controversial and even a smile, as a former Milan player, Jane Khan Ou has never expounded the love of Milan. Jia Tuko era, his ability is not playing, the Milan in the Low Valley seems to have never been placed in the heart, he seems to be completely different from the traditional Turkish player, and he has bornes his love.

But under the Pido Lili, Chhal Khan Ou, who came to the pure front position, began to make a lot of color, seeking truth from facts, he is indeed an important member of Milan recovery. However, the current Milan is really not a popular team of the champion. The financial situation of the team cannot give the players to satisfy the salary, so he left us.

But it is difficult to endure Cheap Soccer Jersey that Charachan Oulu is “exciting” in Milan Derby. After entering the penalty, Mbappé Jersey Jane Khan Owu wants to come to the standard slide. Fortunately, the philosophy after the body pushed it. Sliding in the sake of hoe, but he did not die, he did The provocative movement of both hands listening, this is undoubtedly to make Milan’s anger.


Liverpool used to have a super leg, Su Shen is also a member of the old master. As a famous Suarez in Liverpool, Liverpool gave him a lot, it was in Anfield, he became a super superstar. When he banned, his teammates gave him no support, but unfortunately, the experience of championship in Liverpool made Su Nower injured.

But things should not be so, I don’t know if it Soccer Jersey Discount is too excited, and in 2019, the Champions League Barcelona got to Liverpool’s game, Suarez actually chose to make a while, completely forgot to stand opposite, but there is a great kindness for himself. Liverpool, which also makes Liverpool’s fascinating.

Van Persie and Adza

Milan and Liverpool do not have to be too sad, after all, there is Arsenal. Arsenal can be described as the older hurt the largest club, Adebay and Van Persie, the two of the gunners have chosen the most harmful snorkeling, which makes the gunman’s fans get more.

Adebad is unable to provide high-paying in Arsenal to Mbappé Jersey transfer to Manchester City. In fact, Arsenal and Wenge are not thin, but the contradiction between some players in the team, and the club will be angered by the behavior of selling it. Warcraft. So after the goal against Arsena, Ada chose the standing desk of 90 meters to the gunman’s fans, passion and singing, this behavior is almost interrupted, and he is also completely broken with the gunman.

In this past ten years later, Adeburg took the photo of the Social Media, which made a big sound for him, and he did not accept the gas, choose the way of greeting family. One should be, he is really completely broken with Arsenal who achieved his.

If the Adebay’s 张 makes the gunman can understand. That Vanying’s slide is completely hurting Arsenal. It is a world-class forward that Wenger’s patient’s patient. It can be said that there is no Wenge and Arsenal, Van Persie has destroyed his character, the early case, and Frequent injuries, no one is so patiently.

However, after the long injury period, Van Persie chose to leave Manchester United during the state, and he brought the League championship for the Red Devil, and the red devil fans were loved, but his slippery made the warm heart.

For Arkener, the gunman fans must be full of snows, and this is the most enemy slide to express their anger. Since then, he is over with the love between Arsenal, perhaps, may have been destined to have been destined in his most difficult time in Arsenal.

Of course, there are many players who face older passionate celebrations, such as Eto, Cross, Vilbeck have been this, but we only put in some typical players who choose to celebrate, if they have omissions, welcome to supplement .

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