Too surprises!38-year-old baseball catcher 13 friends on the spot to help wear different jerseys


Friends have a well-created way of celebration, and also received the effect, Kraz is returned to the team in today.After the entire season, Clavis also knocked out 7 security, 3 points, and the strike data is also an amazing 0.333 (hit rate), 0.429 (long-final ratio).This data is better than he regular season.Clais arrived in 2010 to the big alliance, and he was working in the 8th year of the Great League, and he was working in 2014 ~ 2017, he has changed six east.His state of the season came to the winemaker remained clearly, and the data has also reached the peak in recent years.At the same time, he played 2 play in the second game of the Rociji team, and 2 points are the biggest hero that the team wins.It is worth noting that Karaz is 38 years old to win the first show of his race. This is also the longest record since the 1905 Philadelphia team Raf-Cross.