Titan was crowned 21 points zero seal four-point guards were killed 11 records


NFL’s sixth week of regular season, Baltimore Crow team 21-0 zero Tennesi Toyan, the Titan team has never been able to kill 11 times, and become the first time since 2012 The quarter-saving suffered by 11 killing.

When NFL4 is ended, Tennessee Titan team has achieved 3 wins and 1 loss. However, after the Titan loses, the team attacked, this week they suffered Baltimore 21-0 zero. After the game, Vlabore had back to himself. If he wants to grab the headline in this way, it can be very wrong, because the game has a person’s data very bright, set the league record – 4 points of Swan Marcus Mario Tagn killed 11 times!

In the game, Mario Tag 15 passed in 10 pushed 117 yards 0 to 0 Cascific, pass the ball score 90.1 points, it looks good, who can think that he is in the game, the number of deaths is actually There are still many times the number of success, this is really called a long time. According to ESPN data statistics, Mario Tag is a player who has been killed by San Diego, who was killed by San Diego, who was killed by San Diego, which was killed by San Diego, which was killed by San Diego, who was killed by San Diego. In addition, the crow was 11 times to create a record of this season. In this season, the number of murders did a more murder this season. The Titan team has made the team doubled this year, and the four points of their four points were only killed 9 times.

“We can play better, we can do better in the pass attack, we can also rush out more of the number of codes, the coach should be better. But now we have lost very tight, Tennesi Toyan in each The performance of the location is not reached, we have not won the game, and there is no sufficient competitiveness. “After the game, the head coach Flabel said.

Since December 11, 1976, the Houston Oil Squadron (the Titan Team, the front of the Thai team) was never had a zero seal at home since the home of the Pittsburgh. Since the self-movement to Nashville, the team is only zero from Houston Texas since 2010, and today’s game is also a zero seal in Nissan’s stadium in Nissan.

This game, the crow team guards Tang-Marthand Martyr arranged a large number of raid tactics, let Mario Tag feel the pressure from all sides. He passed the angle and the inner Weiwei rushing, Zadagra – Smith, Matt – Zhu De and Treier Sagas continued to put pressure on Mario Tower. According to statistics, this battle crow has completed 10 murders in a total of 18 times.

When asked if there were similar experiences, Mario Tag replied: “This is the first time.” This 11-time kill also made Mario Tag became the fourth pass success number and two data. A player who broke together, since 1970, the first four-point guard has been successfully successful than 10 times, and the number of killed numbers is more sanitary.

It was killed to suspect that Mario Tag was still full of confidence in the future: “We will stick to it, this is a long season, we have to make changes, then prepare for next week.”

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