Through the time and space again, the first Detroit Tigers won the World Competition.


Text / DETROIT Free Press Editor Brian Manzullo

Once tiger four-tiger will increase the general manager Dom Brlauski, the reddock champion class, which has been hit by the regular season. 108 breaks the team history. The core lineup of the Detroit Tigers in 2014 finally won the World Competition.

2014 J.D-Martinez and Ian-Kesler

2014 J.D-Martinez and Ian-Kesler

In 2014, the tiger core lineup was led by strong rod JD-Martinez, Golden Gloves, Ian-Kingsler, plug-in, two race pitcher David – Ples and Rick Posro composition. In 2014, the general manager of Tiger Dave Dom Brlauski made the four people’s generals of the Tiger in the past.

In 2014, the players and staff in the Detroit Tigers were completed in the Boston Red Socks in this season. In these people, the Polylo, the end of the 14th year, the first to come to Boston, followed by the general manager Dombruski, which was abandoned by the Tigers, Ples was a paper fertilizer in the end of 15 years, and then By the time of the season, Martines, the Jindin, and the season, the reddock team collected five 14-year tiger team in the lineup of this year.

All of this may be a year late, they have been wearing red and white jerseys, representing the city that makes other teams from other teams in the league, the success of the success, 4 times in the past 15 years Win the World Competition Championship Boston. But more importantly Dombruski finally proved their own vision and let his team have received the highest honor of the baseball world.

Moreover, Boston Tiger Red Socks only used five games in the World Competition, and easily defeated the Los Angeles Daoqi Team. In the last 5 to 1 winning game on Sunday, Plesce 7 bureau only lost 1 point. https://www.maillotspascherfr.comGood investment, Martinens knocked out the Yangchun cannon from Corretton Khawle.

Perhaps watching the
ball for many years, I still remember these players, plus Miguel-Kabrera, Justin-Wrand, Max, Victor-Martinez, Euhno – Suarez, Tori Hunter, Annebar-Sanchez et al, did not win in the 14-year playoff game, and the Baltimo Moyao swept the scene of 0 to 3 in the United Arab tracking. However, now, the high-level and fans of the Detroit Tigers can only tell Boston socks: “You are welcome, I know you need this champion.”

In fact, in the past 13 months, many of the 14th Tiger team have experienced major events. In addition to the red socks, Willands completed their self-salvation in the last season, followed the Houston Space Team to get the world. Contest champion. In recent, in 14 years, the first season of the Tiger was completed in the first season of the first season of Los Angeles appointed as the head of the new season team.

At the same time, the tiger team in this season has been in the reconstruction model to reduce the team salary, and look at the future. In addition, the team also repairs the Dorm Brollsky in the period of time, in order to fight against the crown, try to exchange more future hopes to make the barren farm reproduce vitality.

In 2019, it will be the 35th anniversary of the Tiger team to win, and will be the 11th year of the four major sports alliances in the auto city. Looking at the tiger team slowly rebuilding, the football lion team 3 wins 4 losses, when the deadline, the head of the team is taken out, the ice hockey is already one of the worst teams in the alliance, the basketball is also It is experiencing a replacement. It seems that the Detroit non-crush may have to last for a while.