Three ball empty cut 18 + 13! Bulls three giants 83 points! Even the ultra-heat fire


On November 30th, Beijing time, the Yellow Bulls challenge the bull. Before the game, the Bulls took the fifth and only the bucket in the eastern part of the bucket, so this game is very important to both parties, and the ball and three goals The frontal confrontation is also a big look at the game. When the bull is the first to lead to 23 points, although the Washes Fourth Festival is tenacious, the final bull is still strong, and the record is even higher and the stag returns to the third position of the eastern part.

In the first half, Wuhevich is excellent, especially outside the road, and the 12-thirds of the 12th point 3, 3 cutting 17 points 8 plates 4 assists 0 mistakes, perfect halflight performance. Durzan is also 9 middle 5 efficient delivery 13 points, Long Zuobao gets 8 minutes 4 assists, and the Bull has achieved 11 points leader. Three balls on the first half of the 6th 1 offensive downturn, but sent 5 assists, Rozil 6, 5 cuts 15 points.

In the third
quarter, Ravo Wen and Durzan led the bull to play a climax of 17 to 3, and the Single Sites of Ravin 6 have been 12 points, Durzan 5 in 4 contributions 9 points 3 assists, Wu Chietvic continues The hand is 8 points, and the three core attacks of the Bull are too efficient. At the end of the three, the Bulls lead 19 points.

At the end of the end, the three-ball wearing needle lead is connected to the assists, and the Humblebee hits 21 more than 6 to see only 4 points to see the reversal hope, but then Kobe White is 5 points into bull stabilized military heart, the wasp can no longer respond again, Bull 133 ratio 119 Give it to the wasp.

On the game, Rozil chopped 31 points, three balls and air cut 18 points 13 assists. And the bulls, Zachravin 18, 10 cuts 25 points, Durzan 20 in 12, 12, Wu Chiwei 19, 12 three points, 6 mad, 30 points, 14 board, 5 assists, three giants Take 83 points with extremely efficient, while Langzuau has also passed the 16-point 8 assists. The warmth of the state of Wu Chiwich makes the Bulls have more possible possibilities, and this bull is worth looking forward to.