Thickness! Meizhou football today will take two provincial champions


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Today, in 2021, the Guangdong Provincial Football Association five-person football tournament came to the news, the two teams of Meizhou won the adult group and the teenager group champion! Football is a city business card in Meizhou, a strong social football atmosphere, and the young training football is booming … Mezhou football will have a better future.

Meizhou two teams photo

This competition Manchester United Jersey was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Football Association, Jieyang City Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Bureau and Jieyang Football Association jointly organized to respond to national national fitness calls, promoting the national development of Guangdong Province’s five-person football movement, game November 5-8 Hold in Jieyang City, Jieyang City. This competition is divided into two groups, and the direct single cycle competition is carried out in the form of the collaboration. It is an adult entrance group and the 2008 group. Among them, there are 4 teams in Shenzhen, Huizhou, Meizhou and Jieyang, 2008. A total of 6 teams in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Huizhou, Jieyang, Meizhou, Huizhou, Jieyang, Meizhou and Shunde.

In the contest in the adult group, Meizhou City Football Association, the Football Association appointed Mei Jiangxi Yangfang Association on behalf of Meizhou participated in this competition, Xiyang Foundation is based on Xiyang’s local players, and teams to less than half a month. The first game is in the battle of the Shizhou team, with a fantastic opening, two minutes less than 2: 0 lead, the first half is 4 goals, last 7: 1 big victory; the second pair of hosts, the main boy, try different formations Player, rotate more young players, last 3: 0 lightly taking the opponent; the last face, in this game directly affecting the championship, the Meizhou team is connected in the first half, the last minute Shenzhen team Take the score by superman tactics. Finally, Meizhou team won the group of champions with 2 wins and 1 level.

Xiyang football has a long history, the masses are well found, is a typical representative of Meizhou township football. The town has emerged in Huang Dao (formerly national football team), Zhang Guilian (formerly women’s football team), Chen Wenkui (former China Jianlibao football team), Zhong Yunyue, Wu Zhongliang (formerly national team player), Zhao Peng Wen (Super Super Shenzhen Ping An Football Team Player) and other excellent football players. Football, successful racks of all villages, neighbors, the neighborhoods, the town has organized various villages to carry out the football friendly match, the New Year cup, the teenagers are playing the ball, chasing the green dream; Xiyang Town passed the football team The university’s adolescents have also very much, and dozens of people have entered the university campus through football special tricks, which is one of the most towns in the city.

Among the 2008 participating group, Meizhou City is full of superstar, and the Football Association is Dingning New Football Club on behalf of Mezhou to participate in the junior group competition.

It is worth mentioning that because the 08 team has another game mission, the club sent a 09th queue to be large. Due to never exposed to the indoor five people, the Mezhou team has played a poor game. The first game of the host, the two balls, the two balls were finally 2 to 2 draws in the case of 0 to 2; the second game was 2 to 1 to the Jiangmen team, and the third game was 1 to 2 to Huizhou team. Seeing that the champion will be lost, the Meizhou team is willing to live, actively overcome the influence of many factors such as the venue, and stroning the Shunde team and the Shenzhen team two strokes in 3 to 1 and 2 to 0, with 3 wins 1 flat 1 The negative achievements won the championship.

The best goalkeeper of the teenager: Chen Yiming’s best shooter: practice, adult team: Goalkeeper: Zheng Dado, shooter: Huang Yongxing, Best Player: Zhang Hengjie.

Before this, the city also teamped the team to participate Chelsea Jerseyin the five-person football men’s team of the National Games, five people’s football men’s group of township groups, and the two full-time football teams in Meizhou are not expensive.Mass group five-person football men’s group B groupCard,Five-person football men’s group of township group silver medals, For the Guangdong football to win honor. The package champion of the provincial five-person football match has more regard to the effectiveness of Mezhou football.

In recent years, the city has built the city, county “foot-on, football associations, foot school”, there are more Kits Football Kits than 100 amateur football clubs, 65 in the town of Football Association, accounting for 60% of the total number of towns (streets). By the end of 2020, the city has more than 1,000 football venues to achieve 2 megadownload of football field, which has become the troops of the national football field construction; also constructs the Chinese Football Association, Vocational Football Club, Social Football Club, The Youth training system of the “five-in-one” in the city and the campus football; at the same time actively organize all kinds of football events, basically reach Weekly event before the epidemic, nearly 5,000 games in the game … ········ It is a profound of football history and culture. It is a strong football. Football Township Meizhou, come on!

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