The weird blowing posture actually has a wonders of red socks, relying on it to choose MLB Hall of Fame?


There are a lot of controversy for many retired star players to choose a famous Hall, no way to call too much, too little quota. However, for the three bases of the former red socks, Kevin Ukxi, the reason why he is selected to celebrate the famous Hall, because he is weird and unhyrigible to hit the posture, and the hitting posture of the road does not let him MLB went away all the way.

It is difficult for people to believe that such a hitting posture will appear on the baseball field, while the head coach will actually allow him to play with this way. How did he persuad the main coach? Lift the ball on the top of the ball, holding a ball like a violin player, using this way, it is very incredible, and Eurex is going to hit the ball with him, we are from the picture It can be seen that there is much twisting in this posture.

But Ukx does not give up this kind of cracking posture, because it has achieved good results. These seasons in 2007 ~ 2011, he is a three-yield of the elite level in the league, leaving 0.294 (answered rate), 0.395 (orthographic rate), 0.517 (long winning rate) combat data, once a single season 22 bacterium Playing 90 points. All careers were selected three times, and the top six were ranked twice in the Metac Federation MVP. In 10 MLB seasons, he hardly uses this posture to create a WAR value of 32.6. At 29 playoffs, he played a 6th rampant and left a total attack index value of 0.944. At the same time, he also won the World Competition in 2004 and 2007.

Natural Boston fans is his fanatical worship, a player who can output on the field, and some people with personality, who will not love? However, the famous Hall is not a play, although Ukx is a glorious career with such a weird hitting posture, there is no ancient people before, but it is still a bit difficult for this feature.

Some people have asked Yakx, why would you choose such a weird blow posture, this posture is how to find out. Unfortunately, Youkex seems to be less clear. He said that he was in the scene, and the routine blow action made him not self, so he started to explore the natural mode, and finally formed
a weird blow posture, and he could not explain why he would like this.

The protagonist of the MLB malignant fighting incident of the shocking body is Yakx, which is Posolo, a close ball.

The protagonist of the MLB malignant fighting incident of the shocking body is Yakx, which is Posolo, a close ball.

Yakx on the court is not just a mobility, his beard and the temper on the court are also a “landscape” on the field. What is the crazy state of the baseball player on the field, see if he knows.

After leaving the red sock in 2012, Eyxx came to the play of the white socks, followed by him in the 2013 season. However, he only took the Junji Golden Eagle in Japan’s Grand League after a season.

In 2014, he ended his career in Japan. It coincides with many of Japan also have many baseball players’ pitch and combat posture. Youkex has a deep meaningfulness. At present, Eurers have been selected in the famous Hall of the Red Sox, which seems to be a matter of course, then he should be selected by the MLB Hall of Cooper Town? Time will give us an answer.