The United Jereet, the owner will signed offense weapons Bier experience, Jie Ming joined


It is to know that Benjimin is the first round of the first round in 2014, and that year is the draft year of the year. Beckham, Michael, Evans, Brandin-Cook, all from this year, and these three years old this year have exceeded 1000 yards (Benjamin 354 yard). Although Benjamin was selected by the black panther team in the first round of 28, but he completed the individual’s thousand code season in the first season, the excellent physical fitness and powerful one, and it became black. The Leopard team focused on the leader of the leader. However, fate has opened a huge joke with him. In 2015, Benjamin reimpleded the season, and in that season, the Towa Leopard team was killed in the super bowl. After the injury returned, the state of Benjamin was large. Shrink, and his personality and attitude have become the focus of criticism. Finally, in the 2017 season, the Blager team exchanged his trading to the Bill team a three-wheeled and a seven-round sign. The performance of Bailming in Bill has not reached the expectation of everyone.