The steel man is unhappy to win the ball: though we win the crow war but play like a group of replacement


December 4 (Wen / ESPN Compilation / White) When I was asked to win the last Pittsburgh steelman winning, everyone is still so frustrating, when the head coach Mike Tomstone didn’t think of it. Yesterday’s steel crow, the steel man barely defeated the Baltimore Cromba of the 19-14, and the Tomlin was very dissatisfied with this game after the game.

“Honestly, this is really like a group of substitutes in the game.” Tom Lin said: “In the three aspects, it seems that it is a mistake: we can’t be effective in the need, we have too many times. Can be completed, those balls are not difficult, it is the pass of the ball. Finally, we have no excellent performance in our special service group. We don’t do it in the ball back attack and defense. There is a mistake, and the ball is Our defensive groups let the opponents have been promoted by the critical moment, I can’t accept such performance. “

Tomlin continued to have a “fake steel man” with unbeaten coat: “The crow has become a conversion of a long code before the end of the half. This is unacceptable. They still have a 70 yards at the last moment of the game. Deta, I don’t know how this is. I am very lucky tonight. I have a victory is happy, but I admit that in addition to victory itself, the process of winning today does not have any pride and excitement matter.”

This game is really considered a crowbroad, because the new crown pneumonia epidemic invades the crow, they lack four points to Malmal-Jackson, running to Mark, Engraham, JK S, close-up Mark Andrews, 12 key players such as Matt Skula. And what about steel people? It is unhappy in the competition, and it may have a fatal mistake at any time. Finally, only a weak advantage, the offensive group only got 19 points. The offensive group had a total of 5 balls to get off. Since the past 15 seasons have experienced this in 2019, the Los Angeles ram and 2007 have appeared in 2007. This – Rodris Bog has a copy of the ball in front of the opponent area. In turn, the crow has got up to the reed.

The steel man only promoted 334 yards, got 1 time, and they also had two mistakes to lead to the conversion of the ball. Although the defensive group died in most of the time to suppress the crow, the second half of the game, the crow quartz, Dharez-McColi completed a 70 yard pass to reach, so that the crow was recreated.

Big Ben apologize for his own pass: “My pass needs more accurate, I need to make a better chance to win the ball. Today, we don’t have a good offensive when we need it.” Steel people are The red area is not good, especially in the first half, they have three balls that are in the red area, which is the most in the past three seasons. In addition, the steel man has been reached three times three times in the red area, which is also the worst level of steel people this year. This season, the red area of ??the steel man is 69%, and the ranking is seized.

For the team’s mistakes in the Red Area, the pick-up hand repeatedly appeared low-level, Tomin has a simple language evaluation: “We are too bad.” In the end, Tomlin will blame the worse performance of the mountains, because The crow war has been delayed three times. From the Thanksgiving Night Tourna, I have been dragged a week later, and all the teams of the team were chaos. We don’t look for excuses, Tom Lin said: “We don’t seek comfort, it is not good, it is the coach.”

Like his coach, the outer hand take over Zhu Zhu-Smith-Schustel said that their performance is not as good as the crow, and the steel people should play a higher level of competition. “As you can see, our performance is half a catty, this is a thrower competition, we didn’t play in the way we want, this should not happen.” The steel man will meet the Washington football team again after five days. The game will be held at home on Monday night, but the time of this game is likely to be adjusted again.

Although the time left to the team stayed in this week is very short, Tom Lin said that he believes that the team can come out from frustration and reverse the current situation. “This is not a process that needs to be transformed. When we enter the game, we must do better, play better, whether it is still in Monday, as long as we have a game, you must do it.” Currently The steel man is still a victory in the United States of America, but as Tom Lin said, there are still many jobs to do.