The rookie selection of the Great Alliance has ended, and the major teams don’t have to worry about signing the free players will sacrifice the rookie. At present, there is already a message to confirm the famous Terminator Craig – Kim Berell will sign the contract with the Chicago Cabin Team.However, Kim Berell is not a free player who has reminded the team on the market and chase. After two months in season, the demand for each team will be more clear. Here is a seven players who have not signed.Boto Cologne, send a right to right, 46 years oldAlthough the tiger team will sign Cologne last month, Cologne still has the ability to contribute to the team. After all, in 2016, Cologne was also selected for all stars. His career was in 1998, in 2005, 2013 and 2016, I was selected for all stars. Even if the tournament in the 2018 season, he also cast a 146 game, to know Each team needs to eat the first year. Cologne has just been 46 years old, thanks to Jamie Moy, who retired than 49 years old!Ivan – Gatis, Catcher / Specified blow, 32 years oldAlthough Gatis is far away at home, after all, he hit 25 projectors in the last season. More importantly, “big white bear” Gatis is only 32 years old and has a rich experience in playoffs. It is an ideal playoff team member.Matte Holidi, left outer wilder / designated blow, 39 years oldHolidi proves that he can make a huge contribution in half a season. He returned to the old East Coro Loto Squad in August last season. At 65 people reached a career, the highest degree rate. 415, when the external card life and death battle, he played the second base to play as the team.Ryan Medendon, trunk, 38 years oldIn addition to the unbearable World contest, the first and second games put the players who made the pitcher in the first game, sent home base and let the red socks, the fourth game was Sato Mickey – Mola Dedicated 3 points. The overall performance of the 2018 season, Madon is still nice, in 2017 is one of the best relay pitks. If the team can forget the World Competition last season, Madon may still see a contract.Brandon – Phillips, Barrise, 37 years oldThe good news is 2018 Phillips finally got a champion ring. The bad news was that he represented red socks only 9 games, and the hits were only. 130. Phillips is the first player in the red satsuka history. He still wants to wear the robes, see if the team needs such a old two base.James Hillz, first shot, 37 years oldHillz career’s self-sharing is as high as 5.46, but he cast a 204.2 game last season. In the past 12 seasons, he had more than 31 games in 11 years. Although he controlled the ball is not amazing, he is able to stably eat the number. Hillz may become a free player of the second signature after Jinbrell.Darnard – Span, Outfield, 35 years oldSpan has declined in the early years, but the ability to fight against the hits, think about how the number of homes in the last season exceeds the number of piracy, this is never passed. Span can also help the team to win some scores.