The road of football dreams is the money – how much is the player?


The draft conference is increasingly approaching, and the college students just graduated will face the most important test of life. Here is the cold battlefield, which is also a crazy Eden, countless dreams are here to start here.To enter NFL, except for the talent and physical quality, in fact, from the moment you decide to participate in the draft, you still have enough draft.

At the end of the university football season, the draft at the end of April. In these 4 to 5 months, the draft players must accept the highest level of training, live comfortably, eat science, and prepare for the team interview.From accommodation to the toll, even to the care relationship, please don’t leave the money everywhere.However, in most cases, the player itself can’t be caught, which depends to a large extent on the family.

“This situation can’t grudge players, because this is a competitive alliance, I want to make myself different methods to build myself, in other words, I will pay the money, so I want to participate in the draft, first, ask yourself Is it really ready. “Player broker Andy Sims said. Not only is the player to spend money, the team also spends a lot, they have to take more than ten or dozens of potential players to take the investigation camp to observe and interview.

A big draft is funded, so that the stresses of the people who are not familiar with. “I realize that I have to spend a lot of money, but these money have to be spent. I don’t know how much this number will reach.” Michigan State Safety Wei Hari-Willis said: “Some people can understand, and some people burden Can’t afford, don’t even have this concept. “

After interviewing 10 draft players, ESPN had a player to take a look at January to April.

Five-star training: 10,000-25,000 US dollars

EXOS (Athletes ?erformance) is a company with high quality training for athletes. This year they have accommodated about 150 NFL potential players in 5 training locations. Players can receive professional training here, providing domestic coaches, accommodation, diet, test, interview preparation, massage, etc. services. The company even helped the Universities of the Notadeg University’s Line Guard Rrankol and the wife organized a gender identification. “Our company offers a one-stop service.” Adam Fland, Vice President of the Company, Vice President of the Company.

But all everything is to pay for, 8 weeks of training takes approximately $ 17,000, and will increase according to the needs of the player (for example, injured, most people are not 100% health away. Although I want to rehabilitate and cheap product choices, I don’t even have to others, and graduates often choose the best service, and here only provide the top service.

Farland said: “We regard them as one of the team’s staff, it is in time to serve the athlete, and provide information to the broker as much as possible. The time before the draft, we spend these athletes Time is more than anyone. “

Extra accommodation: 2000-3000 US dollars

After the 8th week of training, the players need to find a place to care, they will not stay at home.

Subsidy: 5000-100,000 US dollars

This is a crazy change, but if these ten nine stable, it will become a wealth of the first round show, it may become a daily allowance that can be understood from the daily allowance. Huge check. The last round show may get 5,000 US dollars, and the top ten rookie may be ten times to twenty times. “I know some players, top players, they can always get hundreds of thousands.” A senior broker said: “For a rookie that is steadily 50, this digital will reach 100,000 US dollars. Among them, it is direct Pay. “

Willis did a two-year new person in Michigan. During this period, many companies have promised him that Willis chooses and cell sports contracts, the latter will help him prepare the draft fees, and divide his draft subsidies A few weeks were issued. “That number is normal, but now the new show appetite is getting bigger and bigger, some people spend tens of thousands of dollars in just a few months.”

Loan: 10,000-50,000 US dollars

This is a way to make money. If a player wants to make marketing for yourself, it takes 50,000 US dollars, then the company can pre- you. However, it is only more valuable to spend this money than the technical position of the four-point guard, running guards and external hands. In some cases, the player will borrow some money, and these money must be cleared after the signing bonus of the rookie contract.

Car rental: 1000-2000 US dollars

In the absence of loans, most players will not pay in the new car before signing the bonus. That’s why many merchants provide traffic in the process of service, and brokers often rent a house directly near the player training venue. Willis has now opened the Dodge Charger for 1,000 miles.

Friends and family: 5000-10000 US dollars

For most brokers, they are only responsible for taking care of the players, not responsible for taking care of the player’s family and friends. But if it is the top-level rookie, they can request tickets and book hotels for their families.

Medical insurance: 2000-3000 US dollars

Some players may want to be short-lived before they choose, I hope that I don’t have any moths in training, so they need a variety of safety protective gear (wristbands, elbow), of course, this part of money is not required But most of the people who are injured will choose.

Miscellaneous 8: 1000-5000 US dollars

Here is some of some messy spending, for example, some training institutions provide interviews, if not, you have to spend money. Another player likes to end the day after training, proper massage, especially the spine massage is very good.

Total spending: 56,000-218,000 US dollars

The higher the bill, the higher the bid, and the broker must decide that his energy can cope with several customers. Their commission is the most 3% of the player’s rookie contract, and some players who have no potential may be abandoned. A senior broker said: “Ten players, there may be 4 people in them, and 4 people get a basic salary, and can have one or two good contracts to earn a cost.”

The draft is a difficult business. Whether it is a gold medal title or a regret, those souls that have been pursued for dreams are worthy of fear.