The referee reports, the pedestrians 3 + 1 did not blow, the Lakers won the ball, the alliance was in Baoyan?


Text / Bask

On November 26, there is no NBA game, but? There are still a lot about NBA messages. For example, things about the referee report are caused by attention. For example, NBA officially announced the referee report of the Lakers and Pacers’ team. In the last 2 minutes, only one leakage, such a leakage, influence is still very large, and even say, for the game The wins are the decisive impact. Because of this penalty, it is very unfair to the pedestrians.

The referee report shows: “This game is hit by 7.3 seconds before the end of the fourth quarter. The walker Xiu Du Alter’s magical bottom-edge three points will be flattened, and the game is dragged into the time. But according to the referee report, When this ball shot in Du Alte, Efli Bradley had a foul action. It should be a ball to add penalty.

In theory, if it is penalized foul, then it means that Du Alte is a free throw to kill the game. Du Alte is a 13-shift score guard. The free throw
rate is still OK. It has always had a big heart’s ability. If it is penalized foul, then such a game may have no time to play, but directly the Paceser Loak the Lakers, and even say, this is a big probability event.

Unfortunately, the referee did not blow. In this way, the magical script has not staged, and it is some disappointed with the fans. Because, the critical moment of the penalty, sometimes it can live around the team. When I arrived at the overtime, Du Alte didn’t invest, even the three points, and there was no way to invest. Sometimes, the human hand is like this, it is regrettable when it is continuous, and it is regrettable when it is broken. In the end, the walker is also helplessly lost to the Lakers.

The results of it? There is no great accident. When I arrived at the overtime, James’s fairy three-pointers, basically too hurt, he hurt is not just an opponent, and there is an opponent’s heart. After all, when James can kill the game in the way in the library, this is a very terrible thing. This is not any suspense. Or, that is, an invincible existence. Therefore, the pedestrians lose.

but? For the walker, they have the opportunity to avoid seeing such James, but unfortunately, the referee has not given the most fair penalty. So result, it seems to be the hidden rules of NBA. Because in critical moments, as long as it is not super obvious foul, it will generally not blow.

But rationally, Bradley is still very obvious to Dourt’s foul. Unfortunately, the referee is still a look. As a result, a real question is coming, that is, for the league, for commercial value, for commercial interests, in order to protect some people who need protection, will there be some small actions? After all, NBA is a business. So in many people, the alliance is a need for stars. Because of this, some NBA referees are also considered to be a master master. He can control the rhythm of the competition and can control the trend of the game. After all, the penalty of the referee not only affects the situation in the competition, but also affects the mentality of the players.

The referee reports, the pedestrians 3 + 1 did not blow, the Lakers won the ball, the alliance was in Baoyan? This is the first reaction of many people, but isn’t it true? Who knows. After all, Xiao Hua and NBA executives, but the mouth is full of trains, naturally, it will not truthfully.