The outer card battle battle gallon first show five games good voted snake home 6-1 big win fee


On August 8th, Beijing time, the US duty wander Union ended a game, the Philadelphia Philadelphia team made Guest, Mary, challenge the snake team. The young pitcher gallon five games of the trading deadline just joined the snake, only knocked out a place, blocking the Way of Philadelphians, plus the series of team string, and finally the snake 6-1 defeated the opponent. After losing a game, winning two games, the big score 2-1 won the captain, while the outer card is more close.

Data highlight

The snake pitcher gallon first represents the team first five games to send 6 three-vibration, only knocked out a place, no loss. In terms of hitting, the snakes only hit eight baffles, although all the bases were playing, but they were very good, they got six points.

Philadelphie Pitcher Bargas Five Courts were knocked 4 points and lost 4 points, only one three vibration.

Game process

For the first time, the gallon first game, the gallon of the Snake, but Bargas met a small chaos. He first smashed Marta, and he also saved the battle by grasping the double kill. .

In the third bureau, although gallon came up with Jin Jieli, he did three times three times, and then two were three balls and three vibrations, and the strong defended their own pitcher. But Bargas did not be so good, the two were in the case of a standing situation, he was first knocked on a place, then Martt rely on the sacrifice back home base, the front-tailed snake is destroyed It is unfortunate, the three games end, the snake is 2-0 lead.

The fourth bureau of the snake is two points. After a situation, three consecutive will have a first city, followed by sacrifice and then take one point, the four games end, the snake 4-0 leads.

The fifth game of the gallon once again twice, the first representative of the snake, the five games did not lose.

The second half of the snake seventh place captured the base, but the key moment Adam Jones was sentenced, they did not have insurance.

However, their eighth game expanded, after the two grooms, Dai Sen’s security can only send Florez to the three base, but the Philadelphians guerrillas Sekola appear to have a pass income, Flore ran back The base is one point. Martel continued the sneak of the snake, and he took a place in the left field, and sent back to the fast leg Dai Sen. The eight games ended, and the snake was 6-0 leaded.

In the upper half of the nine bureau, Harper hit a home run, but it also helped, the final snake home 6-1 big winning city, big score 2-1 won the series of arrivals It is also more close.

Both sides

Arizona Snake

First stick Chinese and foreign wilder Kittel Mart

The second rod left outer wilder David – Peralta

Third stick, three bases Edward – Eshkiba

Fourth stick, a barrier, Christian-Walker

Fifth rod right outside field Adam – Jones

Sixth sticks two bases Wilmer – Florez

Seventh Battleman Nick Ameide

Eighth stick Catcher Carson – Kelly

Ninth stick Pitcher Zach – Gallon


First stick left outer wilderness – Dikolson

The second stick is a base, Horses Hoskins

Third stick right wilder Bryce – Harper

Fourth stick, JT-Ryo Mudi

Fifth stick guerrilla Joan – https://www.mlbtrikot4.comSengula

Sixth sticks Two bases, Cesal-Ernand

The seventh stick Totcott – Golden

Eighth stick Chinese and foreign wilder Adam – Hasley

Ninth Bar Pitcher Jason – Balgas

Next look

Philadelres will be a guest San Francisco challenge the giant team tomorrow. They will send a king’s pitcher Alon, Nora, 9 times in the past two months, first achieved the results of 4 wins and 1 defeat, of which 7 will only lose 1 point or No loss, the self-blade rate is only 1.91, the state is very hot, and the giant will send Bang Gard to fight, the two big pitks will be very good. The snake will challenge the Taoist team after trimming, they will send the team’s current ace pitcher Robbie-Ray, the ball is full of disease, but the recent 4 times, he sent 33 three oscillation but only twice.

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