The official new show list is freshly released: the third, the top of the list, the rocket list fell out of the first five


In any area, there will be a very powerful player, so I will have a list of collapse related to it so that more people will continue to work. Isn’t this? The NBA official website announced the latest new show list, and the chartered in the third, but the list was unexpected, the rocket map fell out of the top five. Let’s take a look, you all know which potential new stars!

5, Franz – Wagner (Magic) Previous Rankings: 3rd

Since the season, it is 12.4 points of 3.9 rebound 2.0 assists. Since the previous field, the field has been 9.0 points 3.8 rebound 2.3 assists; such a game performance, multiple data showed a decline, so the ranking decline is also taken. The score of his parent team’s magic team is in the first place in the eastern part. He is unable to play the potential to increase the record, so you will gradually lose competitiveness in the rookie list. If you want to raise your own rankings in the next issue, you need to take out the truth, let the team’s record better because of your existence.

4, Jose Kidi (Thunder) Previous Rayout: 4th 4

It is 10.3 points in the season, 7.3 rebounds, 5.7 assists, since the previous period, 14.5 points 9.4 rebound 4.3 assists; Kidi’s rookie is relatively stable, but its personal performance presents rising gestures in the past time There are 4.1 points in the field score, and the Thunder’s record is also placed in the eleventh place in the west. If you can also help the team’s record more on the first floor, reach the top eight positions, then the ranking of the list will rise further.

3, Kaide Corningam (Piston) Previous Rayout: 5

The season is 13.4 points, 6.1 rebound 4.8 assists, since the previous period, 13.5 points, 7.3 rebounds 7.0 assists; as a 2021 election, Chan Ning is from the value of the gland, or the responsibility of the venue, there is performance The potential of superstars. He is able to rank in the third place, mainly because the status of individuals is getting better and better, and its performance in the field has frequent highlights, so that the fans exclaimed the prime to the fans. However, he also needs the improvement of the record to further prove its strength, otherwise the best new show will be taken away by others.

2, Evan Mobley (Knight) Previous Rayout: 2nd

The season is 14.6 points, 8 rebound 2.5 assists, since the last period ranked, after the team defending the Sexon reimbursement, Moberi slowly got more out of the opportunity and began to emerge, and the average is close to 15 The offensive output of the division also shows his extremely strong scoring capacity. The team is currently ranked 10th in the eastern part. The Cavaliers have also begun to show a certain competitiveness, but they still need to continue to force after Mobi to make the records further.

1, Skoti Barnes (Raptors) Previous Rankings: 1st

The season is 14.6 points 8.4 rebound 3.3 assists, since the previous period, the field has been 7.3 points 8.7 rebound 5.7 assists; because the team’s core Sikam’s health is back, Barnes’s shot and the ball will slowly fall, but He demonstrated the huge potential of attack and defense in the game. In the past competition, he can cut off 25 points, and see him at the entrance to the talent; its single field also dedicated 5 steals, and the defensive potential is even more huge. If the Raptors can carefully cultivate, then he may be the next Siankam, hoped to cherish it.

6 ~ 10:

Chris Du Alt (Walker), Alpillan-Sagu (Rocket), Jay-Green (Rocket), Jay Sags (Magic), David – Mitchell (King)

The current ranking is only the performance of the player in a period of time, and does not represent the final result, and the new show still needs to be conscientiously seized in the game. After all, the Qiankun has not been determined, you and I are black horses, don’t live up to the good youth.