The gambling decided to funeralize the game Titan coach, there is a prior case


The second London ended this season ended that Tennesse Toyan completed the reachable in the last 31 seconds of the game, and the main score was only in the case of the additional bike, Titan Coach Flabell made a very adventive gambling decision: Selecting 2 points Additional points and hopes can be directly received. However, in the first two-minute attempt failed but the lightning was sent out of the pull-out of the pull, Titan’s second 2-point conversion attempt was still unsuccessful, and finally Titan 19-20 lost to lightning, and losed in Titan 3 At the same time, it also gives the lightning 4 consecutive victory. The decision of the Titan Coat Flabel after the game attracted the discussion of the parties.

Titan’s offensive front line of the season makes the team’s offense is struggling. In addition, Titan’s rendex in the Red Region is only 45%, and the league counts on the 6th. The poor red area makes the outside world are questioning this decision of Flabel. After the 2-point conversion of this game failed, from 2015, Titan has failed to date two consecutive conversions. And their last successful two-point conversion is also returned to the 2015 season 8-30 lost to the jet.

In the past few seasons in the past few seasons, they were not uncomfortable to solve the game after obtaining a reachabitation of a reachand of reachable. In the 2015 and 16 season, the steel man and the raids have the last time 2 points to transform the successful cases, and the eagle selection 2 points in the same situation when the Eagle is in the same situation in the same situation, but the end of failure Leading 1 point to lose. In the past 15 seasons, there were 10 points in the last two minutes of the fourth quarter of the last two minutes, and only 4 times successfully successfully successfully.

After the game, Vlabel said when I explained my decision: “I believe in my player, but this decision will eventually don’t work. I have told them before I will play a bit. If there is 1:30 if the game is 1:30 If I want to play any ball and try to play any ball. Because I also believe in our defense. “

Cheng Wang defeated, for this complete gambling decision, it naturally enrolls all parties after the failure. It may be that the only idea of ??Flabel is that 2 paused lightning can be held in the remaining 20 seconds. Although the last 2 points turnover failed, the head coach Flabel is quite beautiful when doing this decision.

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