The Chart Monaco Club debuted in the Excelle, and join hands with Chinese football to build a young training


With the opening of the 4th China International Import Expo (into the Expo) in Shanghai, the Monaco Football Club precedes to the Expo, becoming the first French Football A League Club, which participated in the Expo, is the only one in this year. Exhibited football club.Monaco Football Club.

Monaco Football Club.

Henry, Mbpe from here to the world

The Monaco Football Club comes from the Monaco, the European Center, has excellent position in the French football. Founded in 1924, Monaco Football Club was 46 years earlier than Paris Saint-Germain.

The Youth Training System of the Monaco Football Club is extremely excellent, cultivated by Stars and Mbpe, and also won the Championships in the Championship in 2004.

Compared to the stability of the forehead of Rent forward, Morretes and the old Jiji’s stability played into the Champions League final, in fact, the Monaco club has two Champions League semi-finals in the history of the Champions League.

The Youth Army, which was composed of Henry and Trezekin, the young army, composed of Manchester United to enter the semi-final, but they were unfortunately they were blocked outside the finals.

The same story was staged again in the 2016-2017 season. The first Maoampe has entered the only goal of Monaco two rounds, but he can only watch the team’s total score 1-4 lost to Juventus, no championship again finals.For 20 years, Henry and Mbpe’s best strikes Kits Football Kits in the history of French football are from Monaco Youth Training – Club’s development of young training, and on the other hand, “European Shop” mode, low buy A batch of young talents such as Maxier, Benalo Silva and Lemar, the club received considerable objective sustainable development funds. In September 2020, the New Youth Training Institute in the Monaco Football Club was officially delivered.

“Youth training is the DNA of the Monaco Football Club. Thanks to this, the club has achieved dazzling achievements in the past few decades. Through the Expo, we have to introduce you to the Monaco Football Club, and share with more people. Experience in joining yourself. “President and CEO, Vice President and CEO of Monaco, said.Manchester United JerseyMonaco Club enters the Expo booth.

Monaco Club enters the Expo booth.

Work together with Chinese football, develop yourself together

Young training is also the most important keywords in the past few years. The Monaco Club has clearly seen this possibility of potential cooperation – at the end of 2020, the Chinese branch of the Monaco Football Club is officially established, dealing with the Chinese market.

This year, we will join the Excelle, working with Chinese football, promoting the philosophy and system of the Monaco Football Club, and is also one of the important purposes of the Monaco Football Club.

On November 8, the Monaco Football Club Soccer Jersey Discount held a signing ceremony with the Sports Media Group in the Expo Site and announced that both parties set a strategic partnership. This is the first step in the Monaco Football Club, the first step in the first step of overseas strategy, and cooperation with the domestic media group.The person in charge of the Monaco Club China Office also tells the philosophy of youth: “In the Expo, the Monaco club booth does not sell goods, but more show Monaco as the national business card. In the future development plan, The unique support of Chinese football is given in the Qing training level is an important task in the Monaco club. “

In terms of concrete measures for football, the Monaco club has Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey developed different plans.

First, Monaco hopes to build its own Qing training center in domestic investment, providing high level coaches, training courses, etc.

Second, the club will also cooperate with the domestic schools – “Double Reduce” policy will improve the status of physical education, while Monaco hopes to make China’s teenagers learn from the advanced football concept from small.

At the same time, Monaco will cooperate with local clubs, sports bureaus, etc., and implement the implementation of young training programs for both occupational and non-occupational two levels.

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