The Chairman of the Alliance states not to interfere with the Emirates to take a hiking, and the parties have dialogue as soon as possible.


Although the team members of the Kansas City Emirates look forward to the team star, Tail-Hill is a bit of trouble, but currently, Hill’s case will not be resolved. Roger, President of the NFL Alliance, said on Wednesday, the Alliance does not interfere with Hill’s allegations and criminal investigations that are suspected of abused their 3-year-old son.

“As you know, this case that is related to children is still in progress,” We don’t interfere, “Gundel said,” The most important thing is this child, so it is obvious that no matter what the court wants to do, We will all cooperate. “GuDer then explained that they did not impose that they didn’t mean that they were ignored by this case.” As long as we get allowed, we will be ready to interview, then we will do it according to the information at the time. Decided. “” So, I don’t predict how we will do it, but we will definitely sum up all the information and make a decision. “

Nfl official website The well-known reporter Ian Latport explained this dialect. He pointed out that the alliance hopes to converge with Hill with Hill as soon as possible. On April 26, Beijing, the eve of the draft meeting, KCTV from Kansas City received a 11-minute exposure audio, and the content is Hill and his fiancee Christine – Espina discussed so-called abuse and They have a tube of your son. One of the paragraphs that when Christell pointed out that the son felt “fear” for Hill’s practice, Hill responded to Christore, “You also need to be afraid of me.”

It is this audio to almost hit the cruel facts of Hill to abuse their son. In this case, the police have stopped investigating Hill case due to lack of evidence. However, for the alliance, they may punish Hill alone according to whether Hill is accused, according to personal code guidelines. For example, the Cowboy is running to Elliott, although he did not face allegations, NFL was still punished by him. If the case of Hill’s case is set, the alliance is almost a matter of criteria on the plate, just unclear the details of the specific punishment.

It is worth mentioning that Brett Viqi, general manager of the Emirates, said that the team will “do the right decision on how to dispose of Hill”, but what is the specific decision, and when it is made, there is no specific illustrate. After the racing of the kicks, the team quickly broke him quickly, the team quickly slammed him, it can be said that Hungt turned to be signed by the Brunt, and the alliance only 8 games were in the ban. The penalty, the Emirates lost a star running guard in the future of the team. It seems that the team management is also “eat a long wisdom”, first look at the judgment of the court and the movement of the alliance and the decision is not too late.