The 2019 season has been kicked off to help new and old fans familiar with the status quo of each team as soon as possible, and launch 30 days 30 team special for reference. Today, the Los Angeles Daoqi is introduced.Team: Los Angeles DaoqiPartition: Guohi West DistrictWorld Contest Champion: 6Last season of the season: 92-71Team Attack Index: 0.774 (League third)Team Score: 3.38 (League Second)Main coach: Dave RobertsReview:The 2018 season’s Dodge has experienced a season of roller-style undulating season. At the beginning of the season, I was suffering from being injured. First, I lost the three bases when I was close to the end, and I lost the guerrilla’s Signer because the elbow ligament was replaced. The ace pitcher gram Xiao Xiao is suffering from the back injury, and the status of the early first team is very poorly caused by the prison of the Dao in May and the mare.However, with the review of Turner and Koke Xiao, the top pitcher produced by the home farm is invested in the big union, plus the transaction Macharddo reinforcement line in July, and finally Dodge passed the 163th convention The success of the game once again defended the National Western champion, overcoming all difficulties to return to the season.In the seasons, Dodge was slightly easily defeated the warriors who were optimistic from the outside world in the season, and then defended the National Union champion Returning to the World Competition, the reasons for the world competition in the world contest in the Sands of Boston, and the cause of 1-4 in the second year of 1-4 in the world competition of the Boston Red Socks, and the cash shed.The rest period is mainly:The lunar period has a larger action comes from the coach group and management. First, hit the coach Ward selection to return to the Cincinnati red people who were closer to the hometown, and the three base coaches went to the Texas ride. The general manager (GM) of the team Zai Di jumped to the president of the baseball operation. However, Dodge did not find someone to take a job, because Fremiman, president of baseball operation, is still a case.Dodge has slowly changed from the current owner of Guggenhem Management Group (Guggenheim Baseball Management) to enrolling the total amount of the team not exceeding the extravagant tax levy line. Last season, I will send McCarti, A-Gonzalez, Kzmir and Carribusen, to


save money, and this snapped up, such as the Fair, Alex, Wood, Matt – Kemp, Puig, and Farmer sent the red man to exchange Homerri and two small alliance players saving more than 16 million wages for the team to make up in the free player market. .

There is no choice and marching in the anticipation, and even the offer is not. However, the vacancies of the right field after departure, let the Dodge have a idea of ??Ples Harper. However, 45 million contracts in 4 years are not satisfied with the appetite of Harper who seeks long. Final Dodge Choose Signature Sino-Different Wild Hand AJ Pooko announced the end.

The team’s main arrest of the team in Granda didn’t have a team to go to the winemaker, and the Dodge is very simple from the blue bird to bring Russell-Martin back to his debut Los Angeles. In addition, in order to further supplement the strength of the cowshed, the Dodge has not been lost in the world in the world competition last season, and there is no exacepenstery.

The rest of the team players: Dora, Madenson, Etri.

Overall, the Taoist festival is a small repair.

Star player:

Dodge’s home is no doubt is the strongest first-year first in the past few years. However, when he started from the age of 30, he also appeared in the year of injury, the back and the shoulder injury made him the ball of the 2018 season, and the tract of the quartz speed was only 88-89 miles / hour. Although there is still a 26 game and 2.73 self-blame rate, his pressures have declined significantly.

However, the depth of the Dodge, and the good farm construction can always provide solutions for injuries. After coming to the big profit last season, I handed over 23 times. I left 2.82 self-blame rate. There was no suspense with the full ticket. The best rookie of the country in the last season, I also did it. Preparation for Xekkos. Korean pitcher Liu Xianzheng left a career the best 1.97 self-blade rate and 1.008 of each game of being hitted / guaranteed, plus the old Hill, in the upper half of the season, with excellent performance, all-star selection Terry Pulin and the injury returned to the 22-year-old Yisais, which made the Dodge’s first round value still have considerable strength.

In terms of WORK, 2016 Sales Best New Xiuji – Sigs has been completely rehabilled from elbow ligament, which in 2016 and 2017 in various high-order data in the guerrilla. The player of the leading alliance will find the past attack rhythm. The Star Triathlon, which is a lightweight star, a lightweight, and the hot 0.465 hits the spring training.

The most important supplement this season, only 106 injuries in the last season, but still left the most popular homestone 21, the owner of the owner, the owner of Poly Polo will make the center strokes more, He is also a different kind of strength that Dodge has been looking for, and don’t forget that Pooko still has certain defensive strength in Sino-Due. During the last season, because of the rise of Mangsi, add a very struggling to the left time to make his position from the first base, the Best New Xiu Belin Zhe, the best new Xiu Belin, which will become the new season in the 2017 season. Right outside wilder.

Jason Jensen, who had poor performance last season, was completed in the offset period, which is a major advantage for the Dodge of the commemoration in the last season. However, Dodge has not completed too much to the cowshed on the free player market, and they also hope that Joeli can become a deserved layout.

New season look

Although in two consecutive years in the world contest, the Dodge president of a clear mind has not been in the free player market to end the 30-year championship. In the case of money, it is necessary to pay the luxury tax, and use the advantages of the data analysis department to find out the Gris Taylor and the 2018 season of Mangsi, which are underestimated by other teams, plus Dao Kiki is a high-quality reason why the farm of talents is the farm of the talents.

In the same district, the opponent is reconstructed, and the rock is not in the offset period and the priest is about 1-2 years from the competition season. Will not face too big competition. However, the past injury problem in the past is like Kok’s shoulders and Hill’s blister problems, the endurance of the second grade season will affect the Dodge season, especially those who want to end, no hope, I can end 30 years without crown. .

I expected to start the line (facing the right shot first)

1 left outer wilder Job, Pederson

2 guerrillas – Sig

3th base

4th base

5 Chinese and foreign wilder AJ Polygon

6 right wilder Berinzi

7 second bases Enrique – Ernand

8 catcher Austin – Barnes

9 pitcher

Predicting 25 people in the opening season

Wilder: Mangsi, Fris, Hernandes, Sig, Turner, Martin, Barnes, Taylor

Older Hand: Berinzhe, Polan, Pedson, Vilduogo

First, Pitcher: Liu Xianzhen, Bingler, Stregolin, Maida Jianhai, Yurias

Working pitcher: Ferguson, Garcia, Flow, Kelly, Baidaz, Alexander, Santana

Terminator: Jensen