Text / ESPN Advanced Editing Tim KurkjianLos Angeles Dodge and its predecessor were established in 1884, Boston’s red socks and their predecessor were established in 1901. The two teams have been retrofred from the World Series competition to be traced back to 102 years (because the two teams are affiliated with different alliances, so the two teams can only meet in the World Series in the playoffs) – At that time Dodge The name of the team is also called Brooklyn Robins, has not moved to the West Coast.The second battle of the series, Babe Ruth as a pitcher of the red socks and won the victory. In view of the long history of the two teams, this series may become the greatest world series competition in recent years.Last year, the Daoqi lost to Houston Spaceman at home, this year, they came back, intended to take the first World Series of World Series in the past 30 years. It is precisely the defending champion space in the Meet Championship. Regular competitions Boston red socks 108 wins, all alliances first, and refreshed the team history. Dodgers played in this season also refreshed the team history. Alex CORA, the head coach Alex Cora has been effective in Los Angeles. If you win the World Series Championship, he is also the fifth rookie champion head in the history of the league.Dodge’s head coach Dave-Roberts (Dave Roberts) in the 2004 Messian Championship Fourth World Historic Pirates have always been engraved on the contribution of the Historus of Red Soy. He and Cola have been a three-year teammate in Dodge. At the same time, Dodge Stadium and Fenwei Stadium are both two of the oldest three-seat courts in the league. They will usher in the latest world contest. Clayton Kershaw and Chris Sale will also face up in the series of competitions – may not only once.On this occasion, everything is likely to happen, but the red socks account for three advantages.J.D-Martin Ness is expected to take the Red Sock World Competition CenterAttackIn the Five games in the Powerful Space Man in the https://www.b2bshopp.com United States of America, the Red Sox is a total of 29 points. The spaceman didn’t even have a three games, but the red socks did in the Meeting Championship Series. Of course, this is not surprising. After all, this season’s red socks are in almost all important offensive data to lead the big alliance.More surprisingly, in the United States championship, the team’s core Muqi-Martz (JD Martinez) is not the protagonist of the first round value in the series of space people. (JD-Martinez played the sun spring gun in the fifth game from Justin Verlander). In this series, the most excellent players in this series are the most valuable players (ALCS MVP), the most valuable player (ALCS MVP), and Jackie Bradley Jr., his series has been returned. 9 points, and all in the case of 2 people. This is 1 point compared to the record https://www.mlbboutique2.com of Yogi Berra. From China, we can also see the horror of the 2018 Red Socks Offense: From the 1st stick to the 9th stick, from the book to see these players’ strength is not so fear, and even some seem to solve the rod. Second, however, these small characters can always hit their opponents at a critical moment.This season’s red socks are particularly excellent in the home performance, and 57 wins and 24-negative achievements have a total alliance. (Since their regular season results are better than Dodge, this series has the main field advantage). They averaged 5.8 points per game at the Fenwei Stadium, and the opponent can only win 4.0 points, this 1.8 points of the difference in the past 15 years in the past 15 years. For left pitcher, the Fenwei Stadium is simply their nightmare (Green Monster “high wall is a paradise https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com for the right call, and 3 is Zuo. (It is worth mentioning that the reddings in the playoffs this year will only lose 2 games at home, and the passengers will stay a full victory.)Ben Ning Tydi’s flying balls helps red socks under the key victory2. Wrong defenseThe reddock team has the best foreign defense of the alliance. The three owners of their hair can keep the Outside the wild: the left-owned field is Andrew Benintendi, the mainstay is Bradley, and the right foreign field is Babit. Braderli defensive this season may win the gold glove award. Bates is the best right-owner in the alliance, and in the fourth game of the United States Championship. It is the first to bring the gloves to the wall, which makes the original Jose Altuve. The home base is played by the fans and is ruling as a flying ball. In the case of the 9th bureau, the beautiful skills of Ben Ning Tydi flew the flat-free ball in Alex Bregman, and also guarded the Red Sox. This key victory.Although these years have risen with the linear lines of pitcher, the probability of the ball is hitting the venue, so the defense gradually does not pay attention to each team. However, to get the final champion, the team’s field of defense must be strong and reliable. Like red socks, excellent field defensive, influential light is a match, which has determined the entire seven series of games.3. Technical response to the teamThis is very mysterious, this is really a word for the strong team, this part is too difficult to quantify. However, under the performance of the Red Sox, the united spirit they show is unquestionable. At the beginning of the spring training, the team Terminator Craig Kimbrel was temporarily abuting the team because of his 3-month-old daughter. . When he returned, the whole team hugged him; the player and the coach stood in the middle of the team and prayed together. “In my career, I have never seen this scene.” Martinez said.At the end of spring training, Pitted Edward – Eduardo Rodriguez, please dinner. “No one is absent,” Cola said. “In the team I stayed, I didn’t see this scene.” In the middle of the August, the team made a guest room, Rodriggs cast a simulation game at 2 pm before 7 o’clock in the evening. The Batz stood there was where to watch the Sims of Rodrigs. As a player in the team, David Price is also present at the same time, and he is not only a referee after the pitcher, but also encourage Rodrigs.I have never seen such a thing, “Clari said.” This team is different. “Of course, we can’t ignore the performance of the lack. Although the Dodge team performs in the National Union Championships in the game, it is not so good – in the three games lost in the 3 games, but they still advance to the World Series Competition. This is the result of talent rolling: the maximum energy is played at a critical moment. Dodgeral talents are different. This season they played the country’s strongest home. Their first round value has a lot of excellent pitcher, including the recent throwing of the curved balls and scorpion of the slide, and the fireball male Walker – Brace, the Dodge’s cowshed in the playoffs It shows unexpected outstanding. There are many players available on their bench. You can play multiple locations, these can make them and red socks. The two sides will contribute a very exciting series.