Take advantage of it! Old iron! Brazilian players praised the Chinese good at producing football, and cheap and easy to use:Indian news


Recently, I saw a news related to Chinese football on a media platform. After reading it, I laughed, and the five flavors were unborn. I feel that the heart is hurt by 10,000 points, but you can’t say it. You said that you can’t help! Anyway, I almost be spit out of a bite of old blood.

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News is what a player in Brazil’s domestic football club has purchased a football from China. After receiving, he praised this football, praised the Chinese good at producing football, and cheap and easy to use. And said that China’s quality is taking, Brazilian is good at playing, and the Chinese are good at the ball. I was still proud of making Chinese, but I’m trying to be quite satisfied with a sense of happiness in the moment. The right thing about people is that your China is also made of football, but football technology, the level of people who play football is really unhappy. And others say this, you have no rooms that have any refuters, can only laugh silently. It’s really harmful, and it is extremely insulting! Old iron! That kind of heart is estimated Soccer Jersey Discountto have only Chinese football fans, and it is unique. It is estimated that China’s football fans see that the evaluation of people is definitely five flavors, there is suffering!

Chinese football has always been the pain in all fans, and there should be little time when the fans are happy. Ten years ago, the generation of Chinese football people at least in the World Cup, also known as the first class in Asia. You can now look at it, the player’s salary is a year higher than a year, a general Chinese player’s salary is much higher than the wages of many well-known players in foreign countries. Every year, the national investment huge funds are invited to Lionel messi Jersey foreign aid, coach. But the rewards received are getting worse and worse, and the players are getting bigger and bigger; the record is getting worse, the salary is getting higher and higher. It can be said that it is a repeated battle, the more frustration it. Once the fans were sad in the football field, it was really a misfortune and angry. Chinese football is like an affordable, the level has come from three streams from the first class, and the opponent came from South Korea and Japan came to Cambodia and Vietnam. A year’s step down, let the fans disappointed and desperate again.

The earth is round, football is also round. I sincerely hope that the team Cheap Soccer Jersey members of Chinese football now make the fans once. In the near future, you can Kits Football Kits also see your face for glory of the country, not just China’s football and jersey. People who are dozens, really can’t afford, old iron!

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