Super Bowl Star Close: From a small fat man to defensive killing, "killing monster" Donald


When Alon Donald was raised in the best defensive players in the previous season, there were still some people.The most sound waves are “the overall performance of the punch, let Donald have leaks”.So, Donald this season uses 20.5 to record the performance of the leading alliance to make a solid face of the grape psychological experts and fans.At present, it is almost certain that he will be awarded the best defenders in Lianzhuang, and before the National Federation, the Saint Team coach Shanene-Pedon is more popular “Donald is the best defender of today’s alliance!”Before a few days, the Patriot Team coach Bill Bilchk, also known as Donald is “unstoppable”.However, compared with the former five-year pre-defensive front lines, Donald has been selected in 2014, and the 13th line is selected.How is the beeland of this defensive front line grow back?Let’s take a look at the “non-typical rushing huge beast” of this Union – Alon Donald.

Father’s transformation of “lazy chubby”

Alon Donald is born in Pittsburgh, Lincoln – Beelma Community, he is just one of the three children in a normal home. However, this “Iron City” is known as a NFL’s football team is famous in the United States. As many people mention Oklahoma will think of NBA Thunder, many people mentioning Pittsburg may think of the first time. Steel people. The football atmosphere and heat in the city are more unparalleled, and the small Donald grows up in such a city, and naturally has also been edified. However, let him engage in the more important reasons for rugby, maybe it is from his father – Achi-Donald.

Achi-Donald is also a fanatics of rugby sports. He also has a place in Norfolk State University. Only the one fracture of the knee bone was broken his football career. Maybe you will imagine a parent will put your unfinished dreams on the child’s body, but the old Tang Nard is not the case, he let Alon Donald accept strength training at the age of 12, he was only “Hope Son at the time Some different lifestyles. Because Alon Donald frankly “childhood is very lazy” in an interview in the past!

So, when you arrived at the age of 14, Alon Donald was able to get up at 4:30 in the morning and then immediately drill two hours in the gym of the retrofit. In the high school, Donald has grown into a high-quality defensive front line player. In the last two years of high school, he continued to select the first lineup of the State 4A-level player. He has completed 63 hugs in the last year of high school, 15 times causing the number of results and 11 killing, although he also served as The team’s offensive strike character, but his talents in the defensive end are even more unable to cover up. In the face of the university, Akron University and Rogies University sincere invitation, Donald is still resolutely chosen the University of Pittsburgh.

University famous “midway crusher”

As a new rookie, Donald’s dispatcher did not accidentally opened the identity of the substitute, all season he only completed 11 times, 3 times caused the number loss and 2 killing. Waiting for his spring is not far away. In 2011, he started his first season in the second season and opened his famous journey.

47 times, 16 codes lost, 11 kills and 1 time to make the ball, although there is no difference in data that looks and high school, but what he faces is not on the same day. Only by the performance of this year, Alon Donald was born, and the annual second lineup of the Dadong Union was selected. When I arrived in the third, his number of horses rose to 64 times, resulting in a number of damage to 18.5 times, and in terms of honor climbed to the first lineup of the Dadong Union. In 2013, Donald of the Year of the Fourth Season and the team transferred the Atlantic Coast League. Although the team’s record did not have significant improvement, he was 59 times, 28.5 times lost the number loss, 11 killing and 4 times “Killing God” data directly let him get the best defensive player of the Atlantic Coast League, and is selected as the best lineup of the United States.

Although we often say that rugby is a sports project that relies very much from group efforts, it is the so-called “Making the whole body”, Donald as a defensive cut off, his data means he is in the middle of the road Destructive ability. If the strong side of the quarter-free side is even in the face of the blind side, he can also move even the pocket to ease the pocket by footsteps; but if the four-point guard is quickly compressed and even broken, then the pressure he face is bigger. More. Donald is such a player. He can quickly see a player in front of him. It is trying to put him on the ground. However, whether the performance in the University Competition is still a problem in the NFL’s professional alliance, after all, the famous defensive frontline player in the Alliance, can often contribute to the defensive end of the manifestation. However, Donald’s performance tells all the people, what is “Middle Road Crusher”!

“Beading, Peak” in the career stadium

In the rookie body test, Donald showed a surprise speed advantage. He broke the 4.69 seconds of 4.69 seconds of 4.69 seconds of 4.69 seconds in 2004 in 2004. But even so, he still fell to the 13th and selected by the male wool; not because his talents were not attached to it, it is really that the team before the next year is too large. In the 12 steps in front of the offensive group players, Judevian – Crawni and Carl Mark were selected in the first phase and 5th position in the first phase and 5th position, respectively. After the 12th step 12 in the New York Giants, Donald finally waited for his name. Of course, from the current achievements, his draft is obviously underestimated. At least, people generally believe that he may become a powerful, even the first defensive disappearance; but in the face of the NFL level offensive front line, he may not be able to get the data as the university period, not to mention the kind of ability Lead the team to change the player of the game.

However, they were wrong, Donald’s disposal was only 48 hugs in the case of only 12 first hair, 18 codes lost, 9 kills and 2 times of manufacturing high-efficiency data, especially in 11 On the 17th to December 12, there was a 5 consecutive game for 5 consecutive games. People exclaiming how to have such a defensive cutaway to get the same as a rushing hand! More people took the famous defensive cut-off John Rundel (1997 contribution 15.5) and the leading alliance in 1997. With this performance, Donald has no suspense bowl in the rookie season, and combats Carrier Mark, Anthony-Baltie, etc., winning an annual best defensive new show.

Although the race season ended with 6 wins and 10, they were tailored to defending, but they found a defensive new star that allowed their long-term dependence. For Donald, such a rookie appearance is a few close, and he also rely on his own strength to interpret a “on the peak”.

Always “defensive killing”

Every year, there are some high-level rookie and delay, you can’t fulfill your talents, as well as the first year’s special successful rookie, is also champions. And Donald smashed this question with his 69-time hugs in 2015, 22 times the number lost, the data of the 11th killing is as high as his high school; he is like a game loss, every The field can get two pairs of basketball, although the race of the ravese is still not too big, but their opponents will be a little bit of the best defensive rookie, Donald will look at him. Look. The opening ceremony of the battle of the sea Eagle, he sacrificed 9 times, and he was cut in the game of the lion and lion team. At the same time after I selected a professional bowl, his hundred players ranked 14th from the 92nd digits of the previous year, and the best lineup was first written on his name for the first time!

In 2016, the team moved to Los Angeles in the first season, 4 wins and 12 losses made the head coach Jeff – Fisher never continued his job. Donald’s data has also returned to the standard of the rookie season. Although there is no horror in 2015, it is enough to give him three degrees of professional bowl, and I have selected the best lineup of the year. In 2017, Donald sacrificed 41 hugs in the 14 games he played, 15 times of causing the number loss, 11 killing and his career new high 5 times, and there was 1 pickup. Among them, in the competition of the Pastinal Easy Hague team, he killed the opposite Wilshall – Wilson, and caused a nightmare of Wilson. The ravess team bounced up under the leadership of Xinhua Sha En-McD, the team rose to 11-5 from the 4-12 years in the previous year to become the boss of the National Union West. Alon Donald also took his first annual best defensive player trophy, and his hundred players ranked 7th and became the highest-ranked defensive group player.

“Upgraded version of the mad”

In the 2018 break, the ram started a gamble, and several important anoints have created this “universe sheep”; including the team with “high price” 135 billion to Continued Donald’s heavy pound operate. Although Donald only took a week in the position of the highest defensive player (Carrier Mark was traded by the bear trading), he used the strength to prove the value of him independently. If Donald before 2018 is described in “stability”, the 2018 Donald is undoubtedly “crazy”!

After the first three weeks of depressed, Donald got the first time to kill the Season 4 in the 4th week, and this became a great season, since then, Donald’s The killing will not be cleaned. In the 7th week of 49 people, he refreshed his own career single-field to kill data, contributing the horror of 9 times to kill + 4 times! Packagers’ Rogers, Hawkswell’s Wilson, Chief of the Chief of the Maxomus and the Lions of Stafford, at least two of Donald’s killing service; and the 16th week, his 3 times Shrinson even suspected life. At the end of the regular season, Donald contributed 59 hugs, 25 codes lost, and – 20.5 times of the entire league!

This data created a single season of NFL’s history of defensive cut-offs, and no longer think that Donald is just an excellent front line defender that can be applied properly in the middle road. He has transcended usual meaning. level. He is not only able to break through the struts and center blocks, quickly form an interference to four-point guard; he is more directly destroyed to attack this extremely deadly way, and his murder is very horrible. I believe that Mahmems, who has taken away the ball twice, has a say in this point. What is more terrible is that the race is the “Chong Chuan Tuan Group” in this season, and the Jack-Soviet-Su-Sovi contributes 1.5 times in the Federation of the Federation, and is Dant-Fon for the cloth. The pressure of Lisse has led to a fatal copy of the record in the overtime. Donald attracted more attention through his own performance. At this time, the teammates have more opportunities, such a ram is the “cosmic sheep” in their expenses!

Even if Donald has achieved so many individual honors, but for him, the career has never stepped into the big door of the super bowl; and the champion of the super bowl is the ultimate glory of all players. At that time, Donald is present. What is the performance? Atlanta Conference on February 4 gives us an answer!