Super Bowl MVP von Miller dedicated to epidemic prevention: I can infect others!


April 18 (Wen / ESPN JEFF LEGWOLD Compile / Love) New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Diffusion Very much more faster than imagination, recently, Denver’s wild horse line guard Von Miller has been diagnosed in virus detection It is positive and is currently being isolated at home. Soon, this star brigade accepted the live interview with ESPN on Friday. He particularly emphasized that the degree of virus invasion was more rapid than many people.

Miller has selected a professional bowl 8 times, which is undoubtedly the top level outside the alliance. He said in an interview that in the past month, he had taken all precautions, but it still can’t avoid infection.

“Let me feel relieved, I know that I have done all things I should do. I have been at home in the past month. I only left 4 times. When I left, I didn’t get off or do any danger. Things. “Miller said,” I have no group of people gathered, I just ride with my brother to buy some food; I am very serious, I don’t have to run, but the virus is I invaded me in my room. “Miller said that he began coughing about 6 days ago, and he found his inhaler” not working “with asthma, so he decided to accept the inspection.

“The epidemic is really very serious,” Miller emphasized, “My job is to keep my body in the best state, and I feel that my body is now in the best state! If I can infect if I can infect This virus, that means that anyone is likely to be infected. “

In the past few weeks, Miller and his teammates have been very limited. He said that the team played Brandon McMarus is his best friend in the team. It came to him about 15 days, including him, and only a few people have been to his home. , Including a plumber and a fish tank repair personnel. “This is not like a movie, you can make sure that ‘good, I am from this guy’, there are too many different factors, we have tried to control people’s exchanges.” Miller said.

Shortly after the end of the season, Miller trained in San Francisco, but he returned to Colorado before the “home ban” in the San Francisco Bay Area. At present, he is not sure when the NFL alliance considers the team back to the training venue, not to say the game.

“To ensure safety, my opinion is that everything is premised on the premise.” Miller said, “This is a very serious disease. I have enough people here. I have a team of medical treatment. I am very fortunate that someone can help me buy things. I am fortunate to get more attention, but there are many other people outside. This is a very serious disease. I think everyone should take it seriously. “

“On this issue, we have a lot of smart ideas, I think we should do all the safety things, take the safest misses, people want to return to the sports, but people want more security, this will definitely be some But now is 2020, we must find a solution. “Miller said.