Strippeted in the stadium, Teng Wei, who is happy to achieve good results for the female foot, now how is it?


Although she is a woman, she is bold and cool, there is no delicate woman, in her body, we have seen the growing body, after a long-lasting training, her body has long up muscles. She ignited the Thousands of viewers present in the field with strength and enthusiasm, which helped the children to achieve football dreams, she is Teng Wei.

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After 70, Teng Wei was born in Shenzhen. She is a high child since her child, the physical quality is good, and she is very strong than her peers. Teng Wei hit a small child, she thought, to regard the football as their own career. Because of a good player talent, she came to Changchun City’s sports school for football training. Although it is just a short long, Teng Wei has improved its own talent and diligence, and its playing level improved, and even surrounded many people around, which made the teacher more popular with her, even so, because of the age, Her chance is not much, no one can discover her abilities.

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Nonetheless, Teng Wei has never given up, she continues to carry out physical training, enhance the level of self, after a unremitting persistence, when she is 29 years old, she finally entered the national team and became the team. Main. Although I entered the national team, Teng Wei was approaching 30 years old. Near this age, the physical quality of many people will be developed, which is also a level for many athletes. However, Teng Wei did not care about the age. She believes her strength. I believe that one day, she can realize her inner football dream, this time she is more diligently practicing football.

Congratulations payable, Teng Wei proved everything in the Asian Games in 2001, with the cooperation with teammates, Teng Wei played his strength perfectly. She accurately won the ball and won the high score to win the champion. In the 2002 competition, she still serves as a main team, with the teammate to win the champion. In 2003, she was invited by a female football team. She came to the world stage, and the game was very exciting, which made the audience of the country excitedly cheered. Her excellent performance has caused everyone’s attention, and everyone gave her a nickname, called “铿 铿 rose”, this title is more reflected in her true feelings.

During the course of the competition, the Chinese women’s football team was very fierce, and the competition process was very fierce. Norwegian women’s football team was very powerful, and I Cheap Soccer Jersey received a high score. The Chinese women’s foot is in the bottom of the wind. In the face of such a situation, Teng Wei did not hurry, she flexibly drove the ball, and finally played in very precisely. A very critical ball, both parties are flat. Finally, a key ball shot into the door, cheering at the scene, Teng Wei is excited to take off the jersey run, but also reveals her dark and strong skin, which makes everyone more excited, everyone is for her. cheer.

Not long after that game, Teng Wei retired, which made everyone feel very unfortunate. After retiring, she gradually fell out of people’s sight, and everyone Liverpool Jerseycouldn’t see her figure on the court. Many people are curious about how she is now. Now she has been in her 40s, although she retired, but she has always contributed to China’s football. She often advocates culture of football and cultivates some football talents.

Many people are confused, they don’t know why Chinese football can’t be caught up, some guess, maybe the physical fitness of Chinese players is not good, or it is not right. In fact, these are not fundamental reasons, the most important thing is to have problems in the fault of Chinese football talents, nor did they excavate those teenagers who have a Mbappé Jerseytalented, so the Chinese football did not find those talents, and finally leads to the football project very weak. Teng Wei also saw this question, so she founded a football school, which is to cultivate more football talents from China. Many people listened to Teng Wei to carry out the football business, and they were amazed.

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