Steelman’s defensive group issued Viri Tak, starting 0 yards Titan final 6-18


Beijing time on August 26th, 8:00 am, the third round of the season in the season in the season, the last game, the Tennessee Titan team met the Pittsburgh Steelman team with new trident. In the end, with the main offensive lineup of the steel man in the first quarter of the two reachable and tough defensive, the steel person 18-6 defeated Titan and won the three consecutive wins in the season.

[Game points]

Le?on Bell joins the New York jet, Antonio Brown far went to the Auckland raid, the steel person’s “3B” combination of the Alliance only leaves this – Rodris Bo (Ben Roethlisberger alone, alone, but the old team of steel people still has some competitiveness. James Conner and External Terrace Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schustel (James Conner) and the new tridentheting of the new trident is worth looking forward to see what the steel people still have young People stand out.

Before the preseason, I believe that Tennesi Titan’s management firmly Marcus Mariota is their first candidate, but the original dolphin mainly introduced by the break is the main four-point guardian-Tainini (Ryan) Tannehill demonstrates strong adaptability and competitiveness. Mario Tag is more able to run, Tainini is more possible. If Mario Tag can’t play out excellent data and record in the first season, Tanny Hihir is at its place.

[Competition process]

The first game, 5 minutes and 42 seconds, the steel person abandoned the ball accurately abandoning the ball on the terminal area line 4 code line, next to the steel person’s corner guard, facing 5 people’s rushing, Titan’s four-dimensional Marcus-Mario Tower is fasted, eventually by Stephon Tuitt, in the end area, the steel people get safety division, score 2-0.

10 minutes and 24 seconds, the steelman offensive group finally found the rhythm in the third wave of attack, and promoted the ball and the steel team stabilized with the road of running to guard James – Conina.大 本 长 传 彩 连 线 分 分 分 达 达 达After the reachable, the steel man chose 2 points to attach points, but because the rainfall venue is too slippery, the slap is slippery and the conversion fails. Steel people are 8-0 leading.

13 minutes and 08 seconds, the steel team No. 2 quartz Swan Mason Rudolph is replaced by large appearance, the second interface attack, No. 2, James Washington, Washington In the back of the opponent, because the safety sanction is too born, Rudolf has achieved reached a long-circled connection between Washington, score 15-0.

The second quarter, 1 minute 29 seconds, Taman Jennings Jennings directly kills 50 yards directly, several wave offensive forward, facing 4 gear 1, Titan team directly selects shooting points , Score 15-3.

The third quarter, 11 minutes and 54 seconds, Run Di Dian Spencer rushed out of 29 yards, four-point guards, Joshua Dobbs, connected, Trie, Trefe Griffe is 23 yards, and the steel team players Matthew Wright 31 码 码 任 任 任 命 命 球 命 中 扩 扩 扩,, 18-3.

The fourth game, 8 minutes and 23 seconds, Titan quarter Wei Luoh Wood Sed (Logan Woodside) led the team to advance, his pass or accurately found the exterior to kill the red area, play the ball Ryan Succop hits 21 yards, 18-6.

In the end, the whole game ended, and the steel people 18-6 defeated Titan to win the three-game winning season.

[Highlights player]

Pittsburgh Steel Man

Quartz-Rodris Big 13 passed 8 pushes 63 yards 1 Daliang, Mason-Rudolph 95 pushed 75 yards 1 to 1 to 1 copy; running to Wei James – Connie 5 times 41 yards, Jaylen Samuels 4 times a shock promotion 16 yards; external takeover Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schustel 4 times ahead of 37 yards 1 to 1 Detan; defensive spike Stephen – Tu Yi I have killed twice.

Tennesi Toyan

Quartz, Marcus, Maro Mario Tag, 0 yards, Ryan-Tanny Hihiro, 62 yards, Logan-Wood Scen, 15 passed 117 yards; running to Jerry – Myshenyl McNichols 9-Chongji ball advanced 43 yards; Kalif raymond 5th ball promoted 58 yards; defensive group Mike – Mike Jordan and Armani – Hu Amani Hooker harvested a copy of a copy.

[Competition Summary]

Several young offensive group players are not expensive, running to Wei James – Connei is still very steady last year, Zhu Zhu also has to pay the account, James – Washington harvested a 41 yard of the 41 yard, showing a good far-reaching route Strike ability. It is better to behave the defensive group. They have killed 2 times a total of 5 times today, and they will continue to take the Titan attack front line great pressure. Titan’s struggle with it, Mucus Mario Tower, is better to say that the offensive front line did not protect him, and the whole game released a total of 5 to kill, which did not do it for running.

After the end of this game, the Titan team will challenge the bear team in the fourth week, and the steel man will also travel to Carolina against the Black Leopard.