Steel people dog blood plot is still continuing JJ Watt offshore show video like card Dyanshan really show


Pittsburgh Steelman can be said to be turbulent in the past six months, first with the ace running guards – Bell decided to absent the entire season, and finally take the team super external Antonio – Brown inexplicably absent team In the 17th week, the key battle of the regular season end of Meng Hu is ended, and the blood stories of various dogs occur frequently.

The Pittsburgh steel man is one of the most explosive topics in NFL. It didn’t have a play game last season, but TJ Watt was still the most trusted player of that team. The 2017 first round show last season. 13 killed, three of them were more than 1 single field. T.J Watt always completed his work on the scene and excellent, from notframed. And his brother-Houston Dezhou’s defensive end J.J. Watt recently participated in the famous American Dragon show “Saturday night” and talked about the steel man on last season.

The program host Scy-Mei Yes is a fans of Pittsburgh, so it will turn the topic naturally in the program to the 2018 turbulent season of Pittsburgh. “This is indeed very attractive,” JJ Watt said, “It’s a bit like watching the real show of Kalaishan family. Although I can see everything about the steel man on TV, I still call it. My brother understands what the truth is, (the truth) is really wild. “

Although JJ Watt did not disclose this specific details, we have already learned enough information in recent weeks and recent months. We know that the team’s performance is not expected in the 2018 season, and the team president Rooney told the Pittsburgh post last month. He is hard to imagine that the team can reach consensus with Brown before the start of the training camp, and that the team will not contract with this star, and all other possible options can be posted. Talk on the desktop.

Since the end of the game, Brown has not only released a cold speech on his professional bowl, but also published a intriguing response to Rooney remarks. At the same time, the front teammate-Clark and Chad Johnson also involved Come in defend your own, and in order to complete the redemption, there will be no more Brown and Bell in the next season. All this is enough to summon people’s comparison between reality and TV programs. “I think everyone can no longer regard himself as the heroine in the opera.” Team take over Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schutt told ESPN a few weeks ago, the team must focus on playing, not a Similar to “a peer with Kardashian” showed a show.

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