Space Man’s Ace One Battle Double Milestone Wrande 3000k + 300K Double Material


On September 29, Beijing time, the Houston Spaceman apex, Jaster, Virund, continuously reached two milestones, became the 18th caret in MLB, and the 3,000-lived pitcher sent out of 3000 times, and became 19th after 1900 The single season sent 300 three-oscillated pitcher.

The 36-year-old Ville has accumulated 2994 times before the game of Los Angeles
Angels. Today, the fourth game, Cole Carlorn faces his scorpion, and Wrand reaches a milestone of 3,000 cry of 3,000 times. The big screen of the Angel Stadium immediately showed his achievements, and after the end of the bureau, teammates congratulated him in the rest area.

However, Carlhn has passed this explosion, and the three-vibrates are not dead, Andreton Simmons, the two-point gun, will expand the score to 3-0. According to the data of a number of websites, this is the first time with a player in history through a population to complete his 3000th Senang.

At this competition, the season has accumulated 288 SHV Vantid, and the sixth game once again let Calhn watches the battles, and the 15-year big alliance career has reached 300 three-occurred single season. He and this season have sent 316 Zhenzuo Gritco-Coles in MLB history, the second question of 300 three-oscillators in MLB, before only 2002 Residers have Randy Johnson and Ke The two-positions of the Curt Schilling also sent at least 300 three-oscillated pitcher. Today, Ville came out of 6 games to send 12 three-vibration, throwing away 3 points, being hitted 4 security, no guaranteed.

Willand is a 300-year-old Senang player who has completed the 300th age of 36 years old or more. In 1989, Nolan Ryan, Nolan Ryan, got 301 Sanzhen, while Lantudi Johnson was sent in 36, 37 and 38 age, single season, single season, single season, single season 372 and 334 three vibrations.

Willand is also a player who reached 3,000 Sanzhen milestones this season. The New York Yangji team left pitcher CC-Shabuya on April 30 this year in the face of the tail snake. Among the 16-bit 3000K club members, 14 were all star players.

Willand is very low-key, in the face of the applause of the audience, he picks up the cap, paying, quickly starting the ball.

Willand is very low-key, in the face of the applause of the audience, he picks up the cap, paying, quickly starting the ball.

Before Sabasia, the last 3000K player is the Warriors’ John Smoltz, and he completed his 3000th multi-vibration of his Dazang in 2008.

This season is the second 20th game season of Wandard. On September 1, he made his third anless game in Toronto. He is also one of the biggest popular awards this season. Today’s competition is his last battle in the regular season. Next, he will represent the game of the Malian West District Champions Spaceman.