Single section 15 points big outbreak! Haden tough back fans questioned, Netsuka 8 disagreement


On December 1st, Beijing time, NBA regular season welcomed a focus, the home of the Niks, Haden first festival ushered in the big outbreak, the single section got 15 points, the first section of the Nets 33-28 leaded.

The basket is lost to the sun, and the end of the 4 consecutive victory, but the results of 14 wins and 6 losses are still ranking in the east. Durant This season continues to play highlight performance. Nicks 11 wins and 9 negative rankings Eastern Section 7, the last game defeated the eagle, this is the first time of the two teams.

The basket continued the first start: Harden, Mills, Benbury, Durant, Aldridge. The start of Knicks is: Burkes, Fu Nier, Barrett, Randel, Robinson. The first competition, Fu Nier took the lead in score, Knicks 4-0 start, the Nets quickly found the state, Harden showed a strong offensive desire, even two points, the opening will get 8 points, Nets 10-9 leading the Knicks.

Suspend, Ross appeared, Knicks attacked broke out, even 9 points to play a wave 9-0, 18-10 anti-super, Haden picked 2 + 1 hemostasis, Brown fast score, Harden created a penalty, The Nets are only 2 points, and the first arms of Harden is very strong. The single section gets 15 points. Thomas is three points in the middle of the bottom, and the basket is 24-22.

Pause it back, Thomas also invested three points, Durant also jumped to score, and the Nets 31-25 leaded. The first quarter, the Nets lead. The last frenzy of Harden, who was arrogant by the home fans, the first quarter 5, 9 of which got 15 points in the outside, and the fans were questioned, and Durant 3 was 2 points. Thomas 8 is divided into war. Nicks’ score points, Randel 2 points 4 assists.