Share a few simple and fun, budget games


First, big tree and squirrel

Junctional game big tree and squirrel

Game Purpose: Breaking the ice, examine everyone’s response capabilities, enhance team cohesion

Game step:

1. Chelsea Jersey Group in advance, three people. Two people dressed up, facing each other, extending their hands into a circle; one person plays squirrels, and stands in the middle of the circle; expanding the trainer or other unparalleled students as temporary personnel.

2. Expanding the trainer shouted “squirrel”, the big tree does not move, the people who play “squirrel” must leave the original big tree, reselect other big trees; expand the trainer or temporary personnel to temporarily play squirrel and plug in Among the trees, people who fall in order should perform the show.

3, expand the trainer “big tree”, squirrel does not move, people who play “big tree” must leave the original companion to re-combined into a pair of big trees, and circle squirrels, expand the trainer or temporary personnel should temporarily play The big tree, the person who has fallen will perform the show.

4. Expanding the trainer shouted “earthquake”, all people who play big trees and squirrels, and re-combined, people who play big trees can also play squirrels, squirrels can also play big trees, expand the trainer or insert other unpaired pairs The people are also inserted into the team, and the person who will fall in order.

Second, attractive

Junctional game attraction

Game Purpose: Breaking the ice, active atmosphere

game rules:

1. Expand the trainer asked: “Attractive”

The student replied: “What?”

Expanding the Trainer: “The first female classmate in the third row!”

2. According to the instructions of the development of the trainer, all the students all students extend their right hand, on the shoulders of adjacent companions, form one or several lines, which can extend to the objects or people referred to the trainer.

3. Expand the trainer continued to ask: “Attractive”

The student replied: “What?”

Expanding the Trainer: “Su Ji Teacher”

Then everyone repeatedly followed the above steps.

4. Expanding trainers can choose all things in the class, such as air, ceiling, and more. If someone doesn’t even connect with others, the development of the trainer can make the corresponding fun punishment.

Third, the adapter cup is water

Junctional Game Edge Cup Water

Objective: To enhance close-time, test membership cooperation, collaborative ability.

Steps: Eight groups of eight groups, men and women alternately cooperate. A total of 16 employees were selected, and the two groups were selected at the same time. Another two personnel’s first personnel poured into the paper cup, and then transferred to the next person’s paper cup, the water in the paper cup of the last person poured into a small cylinder, and finally defined five In minutes, see who is the most water in the cylinder, who will win.

Grouping game carton paper cup water picture

Four, rain in the rain

Junctional small game rain

Game Purpose: Active Atmosphere

Game step:

After the exemplary action, everyone closed his eyes and listened to the teacher to talk about a story of rain.

When the wind before the rain, everyone rubs each other;

When I started to have a light rain drip, I used my fingers to shoot each other;

The rain gradually became large, and the palm was hit;

Big rain, shoot the thigh;

Rainstorm, squatting.

Under normal circumstances, the classroom is the rhythm of Taizhu Xiaoshu down jade disc ~~

V. Name Solitarane

Junctional game name Solitaire

Game Purpose: Let everyone know each other within 10 minutes

Game step:

1, everyone is surrounded by circles, everyone will introduce yourself first, so that you can quickly remember your name;

2, any student began, talking about his name, such as “Zhang San”, then clockwise or counterclockworthiness to the next student, then say: I am from Li Si, next to Zhang San, then next, Continue to say: I am Wang Wu, next to Li Si, is …

3, the last student said the pressure is large (233 ~~)

Students can pay attention to each person’s name and their appearance in a repetitive statement, so as soon as they look. Expanding trainers can also strengthen the impression of students.

Six, play football

Junctional game play football

Form: 6 people a group is the best

Type: Guide, help other group members learn skills

Time: 15 minutes

Materials and venues: each group of gates and a football, in the air

Applicable object: All personnel participating in leadership training

Active purpose: It is used to explain the skills required to guide the subordinates or colleagues’ work or confirmation tasks.

Operating procedures: Development trainer sends the gantry and football to the group, and the gantry is 8 meters from the shooting ball, and then gives the group ten minutes of practice time, then the game. Each group is to play ten balls, and each person must have a player chance. The largest group of goals is a victory group.

Seven, bundle

Junctional game bundled

Game Purpose: Incentive Team Cohesion

Props: Rope or other things that can be tied

Game step:

1. Group, not limited to a few sets, but it is best more than two people.

2, each group of group members enclose a circle, facing each other. The teacher helped everyone’s arms with people of the next door together.

3, after tie, now every group of members are tied together, and the development of training teachers want some tasks to complete each group. Topic example: Eating lunch; bag gift; complete artwork; help each team pour water, etc.

Related Discussion: Team Collaborate

Eight, decoction knot

Junctional small game solution

Game Purpose: Discover employees with leadership, and guide participation in the game staff to understand the team and goals

Game step:

1. Everyone encloses a head to the heart, sticking out the right hand, holding the opposite partner’s hand, and rehanging the left hand to hold the hand of the neighborhood partner.

2, ask for a person’s hand at the same time

3. After the hand of all the Football Shirts Wholesale personnel, it has formed another rope knot, and the personnel who are involved in the junction game will find the rope to decline and solve a circle.

Note: Don’t let go in the process of bustling games.

After expanding the game, you can arrange a group discussion:

The feelings that have been achieved from the junction game – the need to achieve the elements

Nine, all three

Junctional game

Game Purpose: Active atmosphere, physical contact, and training listening

Rules: Ask the students to thumbs up in one hand, down the palm of your hand, surround the circle, and cover the thumbs up on the side of the companion. Then, the host said the little story, heard the words of the three words, grab the Mbappé Jerseythumb of others, and escaping his thumb, the key is that the stories can be able to trigger their sensitive response multiple times, such as from the past, there I have sitted on the mountain. Mislee misleading these actions with horses and grasps.

Related Extensions: This group constructing games apply to the interaction or experience of listening to this content in communication.

Ten, I know you.

Junctional game knows you

Game Purpose: Eliminate the separation, enhance the learning atmosphere

Game step:

1. Let all students extend their right hand, put on the shoulders of my colleagues on the right, help him pinch, hammer hammer, tell each other, my name is XXX, I am very happy to meet you;

Liverpool Jersey 2. Similarly, after the first step is over, let the students put out the left hand on the shoulders of colleagues on the left, “give back to the service”, but also to say, my name is XXX, I am very happy to meet you.

Please expand the trainer to pay attention to the regulation of the intermediate atmosphere ~

XI, coin combination

Junctional game coin combination

Game Purpose: Breaking

Game step: Look at the number of men and women defines the price of men and women. For example, if the boys are more, they will define the boy 5 hair, and the girl is defined as 1 yuan, and then everyone ran together in a circle. When the development trainer (or training assistant) shouts a number, the participant is each combined into this number as quickly as possible. For example, the development of the trainer said 3 yuan, then it can be 3 girls or 6 boys or 2 girls, etc.

Related Discussion: Active Atmosphere

Twelve, radish squat

Running small game radish

Objective: When at noon or in the afternoon, the students were more sleepy, and they were used for activities and active atmosphere.

Steps: “Radish squat, radish squat, radish, picking apple squat ~”, this slogan we have to expand training

Discussion: You can simply share the feelings, don’t use too professional, mainly active atmosphere

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