Rhubie Review Chinese Football Status: Everything is returned 20 years ago, including strength and annual salary


The latest news from “Goal” Japan version, local time November 4th, the front country is the leader of the leader, and Sari, Sari, and launched a meeting on football.

The media said that in this tunnel, Ribi recalled the time and experience of teaching in China, talked about the changes in Chinese football past and the current changes, and the Lippi said that some of the Chinese football have returned 20 years ago, everything The things about football are shrinking, including the wonderful salary of the superchar, the Liverpool Jersey annual salary of the player coach, will not have a great player to play in China.

The Lii is the world’s famous, the World Cup champion coach, and the Guangzhou team and national football team coached the peak period. At that time, the annual salary of the national football is as high as 20 million euros, which is the top annual salary of the world football. Due to the “skirt” relationship of the Lipper, his assistant Madoni also coached the Olympics, and the result was true. The newbie coach in Canarvaro, in the Guangzhou team to get a 5-year big Kits Football Kits contract for the annual salary of 12 million euros, more reasons are the relationship between Liubi, the European Lionel messi Jersey top coach in Concerti, the salary of the coaching of Intermi is 12 million Euro, Xiaozuji’s level of coaches in Serie A is also around 3 million euros.

The gold meditation is super retreat. The big foreign aid and the famous handsome have left China. In the future, in the future, it is the existence of the bottom, and the superchar will become unmanned, and the young generation pays attention to Chinese football will also become less. Where is the future of Chinese football? Fans can’t see everything, before you can’t at least have a wonderful Super Mbappé Jersey Chao and AFCA championships, now everything is dim.

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