Rational discussion, why everyone doesn’t discuss the first person of the league?


The NBA21-22 season’s schedule has been close to 1/4, and in January next year, the regular season is almost half a half. At present, the league structure of the alliance is already clear. From the current state and record, the first echelon team includes warriors, the sun, etc., and jazz and the exclusive man should be in the second echelon. And the next many popular teams have their own problems.

The core of the Nuggets Murray, Jiki, BurtoThe, etc. In the https://www.maillotbasket6.com western ninth, Zhuge Malong also helpless. The Lakers’ problem is more, and the season has not yet played a satisfactory performance, the attack is not smooth, and the defensive is a mess, there is no feature. In the past, the lake team was very good, the viewing is very strong, and now I look at the Lakers, I will feel boring.

Recently, a ball, after the three giants, even the kings did not fight, spelling three https://www.maillotbasket6.com overtime. This is not a problem, the lake’s lineup itself is unreasonable, the core lineup is too old, the physical strength consumption in the playoffs is more than 35 minutes, and the Lakers are hard to win, and they point to the star. Leonard, Leonard, can enhance the mission, but do not exclude the small card to come back in the playoffs, so that the clove will also have the opportunity to fight.

And the https://www.nbatrikots4.com eastern side, the most championship is still a basket and a buck. Under the leadership of Harden and Durant, the current Net has achieved 14 wins and 5 negative records. The first east is the first, and the Bucks have returned to the rice god, and the Hao 6 consensus will, only 2.5 from the first Net. Winning, it seems to be impacted to the list. And hot, Philadelphia, and Bull are also very competitive, especially hot, strength https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com may be half-files than baskets, but if the status is good, maybe you can kill the success of the finals.

Speaking of the best players in the alliance, only two candidates, the Warriors and the Luti OR Net Network Durant, the recent MVP rankings, basically the two people turn, turn around First, as long as they stay healthy, the MVP is basically two choices, others are not in a grade.

Moreover, they are still competing score, the Kurili has 28.4 points 5.8 rebounds 6.9 assists, Durants are 28.1 points 7.5 rebounds 5.3 assists, and between Jiefang. The advantage of Curry is that the score is strong, and 40 points are as simple as drinking water. The power of KD is stable, and there is no ghost, this point is not done.

I don’t know if you have discovered it. After I started from the 21-22 season, the fans didn’t discuss the first person of the league. In fact, this is easy to understand because the first person is the first person? From 2012 to 2020, the best players during this period should be James, whether it is influential or personal performance, Lao Zhan is eligible to become the first person, the key is that everyone is recognized.

However, from the 20-21 season, James’s ruling power declined, the alliance presented the pattern of a hundred flowers. Durant’s personal performance did not solve, but the Bucks’ letter brother took the team to get the championship, and his data is very luxurious. However, the most sick thing that the letter brother is his free throw, this is the biggest weakness. The star who got the regular game MVP is about Jiki, is considered to be the first inner line of the Alliance.

Since the new season, Kuri and Durant show the color of the nature, James’ personal performance is not as good as they, but the influence is still no one. Someone supports the library is the first person. Some people support KD, and some people think that James is also a league sign, there is no unified answer, and like some ESPN’s mouth and reporters, no more discussion, who is the most powerful player. Simply, there is no player with an absolute advantage to board this position.

2001 – 2010, this 10-year NBA’s best star is Kobe, and after James leads the hot fire, he has become the best player of the league. From last season, James also gradually walked down the peak, like a library, Durant, letter brother, Dong Chician, Yaki, Enabo, etc. one person? No matter what choice, there is a great controversy, so everyone does not discuss the topic of the first person of the League, like the library, KD, James and letters, the choice, but it is also easy to refute.