Ramar retired, Bill home 17-3 eliminated the crow into the United States championship


Beijing time, January 17, 2020, 9:20, in the morning, the Message of the Messian East Championships in the battle of Baltimore. The quarter of the crow is a new MVP Ramar-Jackson last season. She has just won the first playoffs of their career last week. Under the leadership of the same young quarter-Alang, this season is prestige. In the end, Bill defeated the crow at 17-3, and it took the finals of the United States.

Wonderful review:

After the start of the game, Bill’s home was crane. The pass attack between the two sides has been greatly affected. The two teams did not achieve anything in the first half. The two teams have won 5 free games, and the crows play the ball Justin Tak is the best player in the League History. However, his first two more 40-color free kicks were thrown, which was the first time in his career. Bill played 3 minutes before the end of the first quarter, 3 points, 3-0.

The crow finally won a 34-yard commemoration opportunity before the end of the half, this time Tak did not miss this opportunity, stable, 3-3.

After the beginning of the game, Bill’s offense has progressed. After 6 minutes of the third quarter, Bill came to the red area of ??the crow. Quartz San Shuh-Allen is short-handed to his top, Steve Dig, completed David, 10-3. Following the Bill’s defensive group also stands. After the crow took 8 minutes for a long time, the crow finally hit the top 9 yards in Bill. However, the crow is four-point guards Jackson to judge the mistakes, ready to give the near-end Mack Mark Andrew by the Bille Horn Johnson. The latter directly copied Jackson’s pass, completely completed the 101 yards of the copy of the copy, 17-3. This score has also maintained the end of the game.

Team prospect:

Bill finally entered the United States. The winners between the chiefs and Brown will face biopsy. After the crow is squeezed into the playoff game, the crow has experienced a failure season.

Player data

Bill quartz Swan San – Allen 37 passed in 23, 206 yards, 1 time Deta. Run Denwen – Singgertry 7th sports ball, 25 yards. External hand Stephen – Diggz 8 times, 106 yards, 1 time Deta.

Crow 4 points Wei Malmar – Jackson 24 passed 14, 162 yards, 1 copy. Run Weis – Edwards 10 running balls, 42 yards. External handlers Maquez – Brown 4 times, 87 yards.