Ram fans ask to replace the National Union final referee: he is law enforcement ram 0 wins 8 losses


The championships of the United States and the Kingdom will not start, and NFL announced the referee team in two games early. If there is a conspiracy and the conspiracy, it is also a ram fan. When they see the law enforcement referee of the national contest, they will take a breath. A few days ago, the Alliance announced that Bill Virino will serve as the main referee of the Saints of the Los Angeles Roose VS New Orleans, and he is also the main referee when the two teams of the regular season. Venvich career has a law enforcement 8 ram competitions, and the record of the ram is 0 wins and 8 losses. At this time, the ram fan is black and the face: “Do you?”

Let us return to the ninth week of the regular season, the Saint and the rack of the list of the Kingdom of the National United Kingdom, Vivovich and his referee team almost all the yellow flags in the trouser pocket, only throwing 6 yellow flags 4 times of 4 times point to the ram, 2 points to the saints, the turning point of this game is John Heker’s false door really screwdriver, when Harde believes that he has got the first attack before it is, but After returning, Virinovic judged that he did not get the first attack, this penalty caused hot discussion on the Internet. In addition, the fans still don’t like to see Viritovic because when he law enforcement ram, the ram is always struggling. In 2018, Vigovich has blown two rams, except for the Saint An eagle also lost to the Philadelphia eagle, to know that “the universe sheep” will lose 3 games throughout the season, and two of them are law enforcement by Venovic, but this is not the most terrible.

According to statistics, since 2006, Vitiiqi entered the alliance, his career 8 law enforcement rivers, the latter record was 0 wins and 8 losses. At the same time, Venovic also has blown 8 Saints, and the Saint’s record is 5 wins and 3 losses. In addition, as long as Venovic blows, the number of fouls in this party must be more than the opponent. It has not been finished yet, Viritiki is the only referee of the only one who defends the ram and defensive Downard and the former ram guards.

The above is all of Venovic “against” the data of the ram, no wonder the fans think that the alliance is to “die” them. At present, the fans have issued a petition online and require the alliance to referee.

Venovic has begun to referee with a marginal referee before 2001. It looks very long, but in 2007-2011, he invited 5 years. This is the first serve of the national conclusion since the 2016 season. He lifted the Green Bay Packaging Workers vs Atlantian Federation.

The final referee inside the country triggered the controversy, the same is true. This year, the United States will serve by Crete Blackman, it is worth mentioning that Blackman is one of the main investigators designated by the Patriot Dairy Union. According to his measurement, the game provided by the patriot Most of the medium is lower than the standard, 11 in 12 balls are less than 2 pounds, and the ball after mitigation is easier to catch. Where the disputed place here is that the value of Blackman’s measurement is significantly lower than another investigator Tirol Pulio, so when the fans believe that this survey is a lot, the league has made a fortunate, punish Tom- Brundy banned four games, while the Patriot lost the 2016 first roundabout and the 2017 four-wheel sign.

Blackman began referee in 2008. In 2010, it was promoted to the main referee. Blackman also treats patriots and “very unfriendly”, in the 8 games of law enforcement patrigoes, the patriots 3 wins and 5 losses, and the eight-game competition of the law enforcement chief has achieved 6 wins and 2 losses. This is Blackman for the second consecutive year of the United States Union finals, and last year of law enforcement Patriot VS Jagua’s Melaton final.

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