Qingdao "Coca-Cola, Mayor Cup" campus football style Qingdao Tourism School: kick out the style, the spirit of the game


Over the years, Qingdao Tourism School has fully implemented the fundamental task of morality to cultivate a comprehensive development of talents to develop a school, to develop sports, strong body, to develop football teaching as school characteristics, so that football has become a sports character of school students. In effectively, the school’s sunshine sports activities have actively implemented the “ten” project action plans for the Municipal Education Bureau.

one,Leaders pay attention, standardize management

1. The school is highly valued by school sports and students’ physical fitness, conducting physical education teaching and campus football work in accordance with physical education and health curriculum standards, and incorporating campus football into the school development planning and annual work plan, and strictly enforced.

2. The school has established the principal as a team leader and the school departments, and the school’s specially implemented campus football work leading groups, and specific guidance of the school’s campus football work.

3. The school formulates the rules and regulations and working systems with campus football work organization, teaching management, breadage training, and sports safety prevention, teachership training, inspection supervision and other aspects, and constantly improve.

Second, the conditions guarantee to ensure development

1. Equipped with strong sports teachers. In approved physical education teachers in the total amount of processes, they can meet the needs of teaching, and have a special sports teacher with football. Participate in the school level, municipal, and above training more than 2 times, the school regularly carry out physical teaching research and continuously improve the teaching skills of teachers.

2. Implement relevant teachers’ treatment. Related teachers carry out physical education and football training and activities are included in the workload. Guarantee teachers enjoy aggravation in evaluation, wage treatment, job evaluation, etc.

3. Site facilities are fully constructed. Site facilities, equipment equipments have basically reached national standards, which can meet the needs of sports work, and continue to be supplemented, and build football venues with school conditions, 11 people-based China-Communication Airport cooperation venues, 200-meter plastic venue in the school, 5 people football Field, football basic training competition equipment is sufficient.

4. Sports funds are guaranteed. In order to ensure the smooth development of sports activities, the school has special funds for sports work, incorporating the annual funding budget for the school, and the school will not be less than the annual education funding costs for sports specialty teaching and activities, not less than the guarantee sports and campus football work. Normal development.

Third, education teaching, improve quality

1. Deepen the reform of school sports, adhere to health first, put football as a Carrier of Lidshu people, actively promote quality education, and promote students’ comprehensive development, healthy growth.

2. Ensure the sports time. According to national requirements, open the sports class, guarantee students a day of campus sports activities; open a football elective class, two sports classes for the three sports classes, and the football movement is included in the school extracurricular activities.

3. According to the national campus football teaching guidelines, football teaching and extracurricular activities suitable for students’ age characteristics are implemented in terms of local conditions.

4. Innovate Class Construction Activities, carry out the class cultural construction of football characteristics, and achieve ideal results.

Fourth, carefully design, really grasp the dry

1. Established a soccer school team, class team, community and other organizations, absorb interested students Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey to participate in football activities, build a class, grade representative team, school-level male, female football team, basically all members participate in football.

2. Establish a competition system. Continuously improve the school football competition system and tend to stabilize; annual organizational football class league, grade challenge, each class participation in the competition, no less than 10 games per year; actively participate in the campus football league.

3. Support students’ development. Encourage talents, potential students to participate in the school-owned football training, training and competition, and actively transport talents to all kinds of football outstanding sports teams at all levels, and improve their football competitive level and exercise capacity creation conditions.Football Shirts Wholesale

V. Community activities, scientific order

1. Strengthen the construction of the team. Use the school football backup talent enrollment advantage, select talents, expand the scale of football training team. Seriously dig up the potential new players, build a team, strengthen the team, the community and the team’s benign interaction, and ensure the sustainable development of the team.

2. Coordinate training time. Activity time and content: 12:10 per day – 12:50 (five minutes), 12:50 at noon every day – 13:20 (football literate training), every day in the afternoon: 15: 20 — 17 : 20 (Skill Training and Conflict).

6. Elective courses, school-based research

The school Manchester United Jersey incorporates football teaching into classroom teaching. According to students’ age and physiological characteristics, the branch is organized by students, passed, passes, bismuth, ball, top ball, shot, etc., combining football basic technology into sports game teaching. Increase students’ interest in participating in football activities.

In the football class, the school requires teachers not only to cultivate students ‘football skills, but also to the education of students and football related knowledge, so that moral education is running through football technology training, thus cultivating students’ team spirit and cooperation. Ability, the ability to interact with people and the resistance to resist resistance, guiding students to form the value orientation of dare to fight, optimistic, and open-minded sunshine.

The school will make full use of physical education teachers, and actively develop football school-based courses “football literacy and improvement”. From the actual situation of the school, the teaching task requirements of the football class, from the teaching content, adopting the form of teaching as a requirement and practice method, and the courses between class and lessons is close to students. At the same time, attempts in the teaching method, in the practice of multi-active games in the practice, students learn to master technology in the case of approximately competitions, familiar with the regulations, improve technology, tactics, and enhance their physical fitness, improve the quality of psychological will and cultivate good The moral style has a certain help.

Seven, mesh football, exploiting innovation

According to the status quo of the venue, the school explores the network football activity mode, and the mesh football is relatively simple in the operation, and can quickly improve the students ‘interest in students, effectively stimulate the enthusiasm of students, and can also cultivate students’ teamwork to a large extent Ability. Give full play to the advantages of mesh football and comprehensively improve the overall quality and level of teaching.

(1) Interesting advantage

The mesh football is not a movement upgrade, but a combination of a variety of exercises, combined with funny movement condensed with multi-sports such as football, volleyball, and global, and uses mesh football to create fun. Football games, enable students to understand the rules of multiple sports, and allow students to exercise in a relaxed game atmosphere and enhance physical fitness.

(2) Competitive advantage

The mesh football is a sports game full of competitiveness. Students are involved in the process of participating in the mesh football, students need to take the ball and serve, while also need to use the feet to complete the series of acts in the volleyball. Therefore, mesh football is quite high for students ‘body balance, flexibility, and agility, etc. It is a competitive sports activities that can stimulate students’ benign competition.

In the campus special football activities, let students strengthen their body, exercise will quality, play the quality of the people, cultivate teamwork awareness and tenacious hard work, to make students’ healthy growth, and lay firm Basis, Qingdao Tourism School is starting with football education. In the future, the school also has to expand football education to a larger area of ??physical education, using football education, physical education gradually forming “suitable is the most Good “Football culture for core content, ultimately drive the improvement of the overall education teaching level of the school, with speciality to promote the development of the school.

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