Packaging workers new handsome play basketball encountered serious injuries to coach the first season movement will be limited


The work of the head of the Green Bay packaging work has become more difficult, this is not related to Alon Rogers, although Dragon Brother teaches Mike McCarti, McCarthy, but after all, he is only more than Lavler is four years old, and the two are still very talking. According to NFL TV reporters, Ravler was inadvertently sprased in a basketball match on May 30, which was directly to tear, so he was only a coach, not in the season, not started to be reimbursed.

For athletes, loose tearing is a common injury, which is also a big injury, usually takes 6-9 months to recover. 39-year-old Ravler will receive surgery on this Sunday, apparently he is restricted in the first season of the new team’s first season. But don’t worry, Ravler is planning to use small battery cars as a training stepwise tool guidance player. However, in view of the comparable grinding people, it is still unclear that when he can rely on legs to replace the training ground.

NFL’s various teams are reasons why the players play basketball, and the break in the break, the Internet also exploded the emirate four-point guards, Mahms’s video of the Basketball Farm, now thinking is that it is still afraid. . In fact, most NFL players will play basketball during the break, which is a good way to exercise, and more than playing rugby. However, Chapter 3 of NFL Players stipulates the behavioral norms outside the field of rugby: “The player must not play football in places outside the club or engage in sports activities related to rugby, and engage in any major Sports activities outside the football of the body. “This kind of Lavler has apparently has caused a major physical damage, and I don’t know if there is such a coach contract.

Ravler is only a storyline of the break, the biggest problem in packing work is still internal contradiction. Rogers refuted those merits of the ball in the team as a team, it is difficult to get along with the team. BR reporter Taylor – Dunn said Rogers to the former coach McChaxi hate in the heart, in the dressing room only hand covering the sky, it is difficult to work hard, but Ravler said, do not care about Rogers.

Perhaps Lavler did not think much about how the package in the last season gradually lost, but he clearly be necessary to do a good relationship with the best players of the team. “It is important to do a good relationship, not only because I am a head coach, I am also the leader of the player. I need to mix it with everyone, especially with Rogers, this is too important, we are a relationship of cooperation. Say I don’t care how to pass the outside world, I am very happy with him. “Ravler said

Obviously Rogers also liked their own new coaches, he said that he will have an iPad study videos now every night, see notes. Also different from other coaches, Ravler really likes to demonstrate on the field, hand-handed, but experienced this injury, Ravler’s characteristics were completely restricted, and the injury did not find the package of the package, but found their coach.