On April 8th, Beijing time, the American Professional Baseball Grand Alliance conducts 15 games, and all the teams have launched.The results are as follows: priest 1-4 红雀, sailor 12-5 white socks, sports home 8-9 space people, small bear 2-4 winemaker, red people 5-7 pirate, macaron 3-4 Warriors, national 12-9 Metropolitan, Blue Bird 1-3 Indians, Royal 1-3 Tiger, Yangji 15-3 Jinyu, Shuangcheng 1-2 Philadelphians, Red Socks 1-0 Snake, Ranger 2-7 Angel, Ray 3-0 Giants, Dodge 12-6 Rocky.Bear 2-4 winemakerThe bear first pitcher Kyle Hendrick’s main investment 4.0 bureau was hit 8 security to defeat 4 points, sent 4 three vibrations, self-blaming 6.48, swallow the season 2 games.In terms of work, there are 6 kinds of swearing, and a two-point gun of Wilson-Kanditreras is the only score of the team.The center stick Bryant, the hits in the Rizuo and the Bayz are still around 2%, and it has not fully entered the status.The winemaker first pitcher Zaqi-Davis main investment 5.2 Bureau was hit 5 security hits, sent 1 three oscillation, self-blaming 1.69, win the first season. WORKAROUND teams appeared in the audience, last year, the country’s MVP Christian-Jeregi seasons were brought to the 5th bombings, and the audience https://www.mlbdrakterno.com contributed 3 points to the biggest hero won. The first baton Lorenzo-Keyne continued to perform well, and 2 pairs of single stands back to 2 points, and the hit rate was maintained at a high-grade of 68.Sports Home 8-9 Space ManThe spaceman swept the homonymous sportsman in the main scene of 3 games, a state in the season, and pulling the record back to 5 wins and 5 defeat.Sports home first pitcher Mike Fairs main investment 1.2 bureau was hit 7 suppliers 6 points, sent 2 three vibrations, the self-sharing rate is 5.94, no victory defeated. The whole team hitting 11 security, Robbie-Grossman with Kind Pingdel has 3 points, and the arrest of Jose-PhiGye also has 2 points. The three people have home homes in this field.The spaceman first sent a pitcher Brad-Pick Chick’s main investment 5.0 bureau was hit 7 https://www.trikotskaufenn.com suppliers 5 points, sent 3 three vibrations, and the self-sharing rate is 4.63, and it has no victory. In terms of work, the whole team played 14 security, the top 5 battles contributed 10 security points 4 points. Diaz has a three-unit contribution of three-point gun. The final spaceman took 3 points in the 8th, 9 bureau.Yangji 15-3 JacquardYangji was in the series of arrivals in the serial game in the courtyard, and the Fan once again met again. The whole team was full of firepower. 3 File Jinyi, get 3 games in the road, sweep the golden.Yangji first pitcher Doming Ge – Herman’s main investment 6.0 Bureau was hit 2 security to slap 2 points, sent 3 three vibrations, divide the self-shacks 1.64, win the next season 2 games. In terms of work, Yangji’s audience is in the audience, including 7 strokes. Today, https://www.b2bshopp.com Gary-Sanchez is open, and there are three different reusal pitters, and the single 3 can be taken. Clint – Fraser also has 2 strokes to contribute 4 points. Catcher Roemi and Torres also have a home run.Jinyu First Potter David – Herz Main Investment 5.0 Bureau was hit by 5 security, 4 points, sent 2 three vibrations, swallow the first defeat. Two backpoints were hit by the miserable. Finally, in order to save the power, this game will take the only thing of the only point of Alberto. Only 5 kinds of fighting teams appeared in the game, once the powerful bearer Chris Davis did not appear anything in this season, and was 13 times, and the hits were still staying in embarrassing. 0.National 12-9 metropolisThe nationals got 5 minutes in the second bureau, followed by three consecutive semi-biases, and finally defeated https://www.maillotspascherfr.com Metropolis in 12-9, and the top 6 controversy was 3 to 3 flat.The national first pitcher Max-Xie Zer’s main investment 6.1, was hit 8 security to fight 4 points, sent 7 three vibrations, and divided into 3.32, finally took the first season. The national post-aid Pitcher Trevo-Rosen Sore is even more wonderful. Today, I only cast a guarantee immediately by the head coach. I still didn’t solve any player in the season. I lost 7 points. The ERA is endless. In terms of work, although the national audience is only 8 security, but it is 12 points. Anthony-Lennden has a 3-point gun, and Eaton and Suzuki also have 2 points.Metropolitan will first put a pitcher Zach – Wheile main investment 4.2 is hitting 4 security, but there are 7 guarantees, drop 7 points, send 2 three vibrations, swallow the first defeat. In order to replace his back aid Pitters, the 1.1 bureau has passed 5 times. There is 11 kinds of sways in the online team, and Kong Formo has a 3-point gun with the new show Alonso.Red stockings 1-0 roar snakeThe defending champion of the opening season is only 2 wins and 8 defeats before the red stockings. It has been 46 points to lose 72 points, which is the largest team. Fortunately, today, their cowsheds played outstanding, and they didn’t lose their points, and finally defeated the snake in 1-0, and struggling to win the third victory.Red socks first pitcher Extor – Viraskz main investment 3.0 bureau was played 1 safe, sent 3 three vibrations, the self-sharing rate is 3.12, no victory defeated. WORKAROUND SPORTATION 5 security, 7 bureaus is the only big spring gun of Morade is the only score of the audience, and it helps the team to win a win.The snake first pitcher Merrier Kelly 8.0 bureau only hits 4 security to knock 1 points, send 9 three vibrations, the self-sharing rate is 2.57, helpless teammates fight, only to swallow the season Variety. In terms of work, the whole team only shifts 3 security, 4 captivity, has no time to build a tree, and is completely sealed by the Red Sox.Sailor 12-5 white socksAt the beginning of the season, everyone was generally believed that the opening season of the sailor team to enter the rebuilt, and the team did not have a very strong fighting in the team. In Domingo, Santana, who can’t get the mainstay. Santana is currently at 14 points, and he also has a teammate Tim Beckham with Jay Bruce. The top 5 top 5.Sailor First Punner Wade Le Brackkel Sub-investment 6.0 Bureau was hit 6 pairs of 2 points, sent 6 three vibrations, the self-sharing rate is 4.76, and win the second season next season. The whole team has played 12 security, today served as the Edwin, Edwin, Nka Naon, 3 Anchick, Harvest 4 points, today served as the designated blowing Dan-Werbak is more hot, single field 3 Anaba includes 2 sports hits, screaming 6 points, is the biggest hero that the team wins.White socks first pitcher Ivan – Nova main vote 2.1 bureau was hit 7 suppliers 7 points, sent 2 three vibrations, the self-sharing rate is 7.71, swallow the first season. In terms of work, the whole team played 10 security, 5 points were scattered in 5 different players.