Official! The rocket list is injured, and the single-section cut 11 + 2 + 1, the limit is removed 3 points after the limit


The NBA regular season continues to start, and the previous Rockets of 15 joints will meet the bulls. This season’s bulls are strong, and become one of the most popular teams in the eastern part, and the two teams have a disparity, and there is almost no big suspense, rocket It is difficult to avoid, but after the first quarter begins, under the leadership of Jay Brown, the Rockets are excellent in the offensive end, and the Bulls are pulled, the first quarter is finished, the rocket is only 30-32 2 points for opponents, it seems that their performance has improved. But unfortunately, the first quarter did not finish it, the rocket suffered from hits, because the list of Jelen Green was injured in advance.

In this game, Jaylin continued to debut, although the little Bott welcomed the back, Green has become
the head of the team, and after the opening, he continuously attacked, helping the Rockets, and avoided it early. open. However, when the game was 1 minute left, Jaylin was accidentally injured in a confrontation and went back to the locker room.

From slow motion playback, you can see that when Jaylin is broken, it encounters many people to intercept the bull team, Karuuo follows the defense, and two bull players come over, Jaylin is suddenly hit in the confrontation with each other. In this collision, the collision caused the left corner of Jaylin, and after completing the free throw, he did not continue to stick to the game, replaced by the teammate and returned to the locker room for preliminary examination. Subsequently, the rocket came to the news, Jaylin was injured by the left calf and quit this game in advance.

Before the end, Green performance was excellent, 10 minutes 34 seconds, 5 shots 4, three points 2 in 1, free throw 2 in 2, contributed 11 points 2 rebounds 1 assists, and in the game, he still had a wonderful The post-withdrawal 3 points, causing media and fans to praise.

When the game left, Green broke through the Car Ruso on the right arc, and he came to the bottom corner. He suddenly stopped and drove the ball, and the whole person was pushed to 3 points. The momentum will jump out of the hand, the ball draws a beautiful arc straight basket, so after the three points, it is easy to think of the former rocket star Harden, and this movement of Green is obviously more elegant, and even a few points The front rocket is a famous Mmie’s figure. The media and fans have also forwarded Green’s post-evacuation of 3 points, think this is the embodiment of his top talent! But unfortunately, this is a wonderful performance of Green, but it has been injured early.

Green’s injury retired, is obviously a heavy blow, although he is still difficult to help the team to win this game, but the new season, the goal of the team is to Exercise young players, while Green is well talented, but only 19 years old and his body is thin, you want to be based on NBA and become a star player, the road to go is still very long, but the Rocket give him enough patience, now his injury I still don’t know how long it takes to fight, if the injury is serious, the road to Green’s growth will also be hindered. Finally, I hope that Green is hurting this injury and redeemed its talent as soon as possible.